By Joanne Rosa

If you’re gonna get a mani-pedi, you need to be aware of the situations at hand in nail salons.

We all love to luxuriate, especially our Wendy Watchers, but when you learn about what goes on behind the scenes at a nail salon, luxuriating will be the last thing on your mind.


Woman in nail salon receiving manicure

Nail professional taking care of cuticles of a customer,

Nail professional taking care of cuticles of a customer,

The damage that your nails endure when we get manicures is crazy. First of all, that vigorous nail filing the technician does literally shreds your nails. Nails can be filed, but they should be filed in one direction so your nails aren’t damaged.

Furthermore, when cuticles are being pulled away, they should only be tugging at dead skin. So when you feel pain, or see blood, that’s because they’re cutting away at live tissue. The tissue is there to protect the nail bed. Cutting it away will leave you more prone to infection.


Nail Salon Pedicure chairs

There’s nothing like a good pedicure. You relax, sit in the massage chair, and soak your feet. The gag is, you might be soaking your feet in a tub filled with dead skin cells, fungus, and athletes foot! OK, so the biggest dangers we face with pedicures is the foot tub jets. The jets harbor a lot of bacteria, so you’re better off trying to find a salon that has a foot tub without jets or pipes.

The Sterilization of It All

Manicure Set

The biggest hazard clients face in nail salons are the tools that are used on them. If unsterilized tools are used on your nails it’s much more likely that germs will seep into your skin or any open cuts. Luckily, medal tools can be sanitized under a UV light, but nail files, pumice stones, and anything that isn’t metal cannot be sanitized. For those tools that cannot be properly cleaned, the nail salon should be opening a brand new one just for you. If you still feel a little uneasy about the whole thing, we recommend purchasing your own tools, bringing them in, and clean them yourself at home.

Also, do yourself a favor and don’t touch the magazines. Just don’t do it.

A Note on Nail Salons
Wendy Watchers, try to remember if a customer has ever been turned down at a nail salon. It might not seem like much, but you have to remember that not everyone has clean nails, and it’s likely more than a few people have walked in and gotten services. They could have nail infections or fungus, which can easily be transmitted to one of those cuticle cuts we mentioned earlier.