“Free Meek Mill” Rally in Philly

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Meek Mill’s conviction is making people furious. Remember, Meek was sentenced to up to four years in prison even though prosecutors recommended no jail time. Last night, demonstrators marched at a “Free Meek Mill” rally outside the Philly courthouse.

Politicians and celebs like Rick Ross and Dr. J spoke out in support of Meek.

According to New York Post, a source says the FBI has been allegedly monitoring the case since April 2016. The FBI is reportedly looking into an alleged “extortionate demand” the judge made. Judge allegedly told Meek to drop Roc Nation and sign with local Philly music executive Charlie Mack.

Lionel and Sofia Talk Scott Disick

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Lionel Richie and 19-year-old daughter Sofia just made a joint appearance. They spoke about her dating 34-year-old Scott Disick. Lionel told E! News that he is all up in Sofia’s business. “She’s trying to keep me out of her business and I don’t know how you can try to sneak when everything is on Instagram.”

Sofia said she isn’t trying to hide anything from her father, and that he’s been “very cool” and “very supportive.” Lionel agreed, but then made a gun with his hand and put it to his head.

The Tyrese Drama Never Ends

Photo Credit:  Nina Prommer | Epa | REX | Shutterstock

Photo Credit: Nina Prommer | Epa | REX | Shutterstock

There’s more Tyrese drama. He’s planning on being his own attorney in the trial against his ex-wife. Norma is still requesting a permanent restraining order against him. If Tyrese goes through with this, he won’t have to pay any legal fees. The hearing is set for today, November 14th.

O.J. Simpson Banned From Vegas Hotel

Brian Munz | Twitter

Brian Munz | Twitter

O.J. Simpson has been permanently banned from a Las Vegas hotel for being drunk and disorderly. Witnesses say O.J. was intoxicated and grew angry at hotel staff. Sources also say glasses were broken at the bar during the incident.

Security showed up and removed O.J. from the hotel, but he denied the whole thing.

O.J.’s lawyer said O.J. contacted his parole officer the following morning, underwent drug and alcohol tests and passed.