RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Episode 2

RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Episode 2


By Joanne Rosa

Miss Cynthia Bailey is living her best life. She went to meet Evan for a date and ended up in this barn with wild chickens running around. He blindfolded her, and guided her to his studio for a private photo shoot where he was the photographer. Later on, he brought her to another room for a candlelit dinner.

That’s when we learned Evan is not even thirty.

Remember, Cynthia’s 50 so, it’s a thing, and not one that she is into.

Cynthia thought she would tear it up with Kenya while she was single, but Kenya got married.

Kenya talked about meeting her husband Marc. She met him at a restaurant in Brooklyn. He used to be a Wall Street man, but now he owns several businesses.

Several months went by before they started dating. He’s not the type of guy to be in the lime light, and he’s not used to the media attention.

The newlyweds are currently in a long distance relationship. He’s in New York, and she’s in Atlanta.

Kenya became emotional when she started thinking about all of the stress Marc is under from being married to her.

Porsha’s sister Lauren is moving in with her daughter Bailey. She’s all about the family life right now. Actually, she won’t be attending Shamea’s wedding in Kenya because she can only do first class because of her condition Vasovagal Syncope, and apparently the first class tickets are too expensive.

So yeah, she’s not going to attend her best friend’s wedding.

Shamea called her out at her bridal shower and was basically like, you need to figure your sh– out. Afterwards, Porsha confronted her about bringing that up in front of everyone.

Shamea was like yeah, ok you haven’t been a horrible friend, but you haven’t been a good one, and you put Phaedra before our friendship.

Shereé went to a life coach to discuss that physical and mental abuse she went through while she was with Bob 10 years ago.

In true Housewives fashion, the cameras were able to sit through the whole thing.

Shereé doesn’t want to be emotional about it all, and she felt embarrassed about the whole thing.

Her therapist/eye candy told her that she needs to face what has happened.

Shereé did a mock sit down with some friends to attempt to talk about the abuse she went through, and it was hard.

It’s going to be even harder when she has to talk about it with her kids.