Meek Mills’ Mug Shot


Meek Mill’s mug shot was released. He was sentenced to up to four years in prison for violating probation and people are outraged. So far, 143 thousand people have a signed a petition to the governor of Pennsylvania claiming excessive punishment. Meek’s lawyer claims the judge is infatuated with Meek. Meanwhile, Meek has a cell to himself and tonight for dinner he’ll be eating poultry pasta, green peas, canned pineapple, bread, and margarine.

Tell Us: Do you think Meek Mill’s sentence is deserved or excessive?

Joe Giudice’s Prison Transfer

OK! TV Launch Celebration

Teresa’s commute to visit her husband Joe in prison just got a bit longer. Joe Giudice is being transferred from a New Jersey prison to one in Pennsylvania. Joe began his 41 month sentence on March 23, 2016 for bankruptcy fraud and faces deportation back to Italy. Joe claims a dispute over his immigration status has barred him from an alcohol-abuse program that could shave a year off his 41-month sentence, and Allenwood prison has the capability of holding a hearing over the detainer.

Teresa still blames Joe for her going to prison. Last night on RHONJ, it was all she could talk about. “I hate that I had to leave my daughters because of the situation my husband put me in… I wish Joe would’ve been on top of everything… I feel like I lost that eleven and a half months when I could’ve been with Mommy.”

President Barack Obama Goes to Jury Duty

Former President Obama Reports For Jury Duty In Chicago

Former President Obama just reported to jury duty in Chicago yesterday. He arrived in a six vehicle motorcade at 10 in the morning. He shook hands with jurors, signed books, and caused a commotion. Obama was not selected to serve, and was dismissed at noon. He made $17.20 for his day of service.

Chrissy Teigen is Our People

Forevermark NYC Event

Chrissy Teigen is our kind of woman! Chrissy went out for breakfast for a stack of blueberry pancakes, and brought her favorite condiment with her: Aunt Jemima!