RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Premiere

RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Premiere


By Joanne Rosa

Kandi and Todd’s restaurant, OLG, is open, & its poppin’! It was a Saturday, and the wait time was over 45 minutes.

Would you wait?

Kandi tries to be around the restaurant as much as possible, which helps the business. After the difficult road Kandi and Todd went down last season with the false accusations from Phaedra and Porsha, the power couple rose to the top. As Todd put it, OLG is selling chicken how Denver is selling marijuana.

Cynthia found her peace at Lake Bailey, and her first visitor of the season was NeNe!

When Cynthia mentions a reason to celebrate and drink, NeNe nearly spits out her drink. The reason was because of Kenya’s marriage. NeNe won’t believe a thing until she sees a marriage license.

I mean really though, who has their marriage license with them at all times?

That being said, Cynthia wasn’t invited to the wedding and had no idea about it. She is certainly one of Kenya’s closest friends, so that’s a bit odd.

Kenya showed up to Lake Bailey to set the record straight. At this point in time, Kenya hasn’t shared his real name (though we all know it’s Marc Daly). She calls him Baby.

"What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder."

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The new couple eloped, and didn’t invite anyone. The two plan to move in together soon. Moore Manor has “a ghost” – AKA her ex, Matt.

The whole thing is a little shady, but it will take more than this to convince us one way or the other.

Down on the other end of Atlanta, Porsha is recording a podcast with her sister and cousin called Porsha 4 Real. But here’s the real tea – Porsha is still in contact with Phaedra. Remember, last season Phaedra used Porsha to spread rumors about Kandi. Porsha knows Phaedra used her so she could get back at Kandi. Phaedra has reached out to Porsha four or five times and hasn’t seen Kandi since the reunion.

Shereé stopped by NeNe’s new store “Swag Boutique” in Atlanta. They’ve come a long way from their friendship in previous seasons, but right now they’re in a place where they are friendly, but not fully trusting.

Shereé’s thought on Kenya’s marriage? “It’s about time! These girls have been saying you’ve been renting boyfriends for so long, show him off! Prove to these girls that you can get a man without paying for one.”

NeNe wasn’t surprised by Phaedra’s actions last season, and she doesn’t feel bad for Porsha. In NeNe’s mind, Porsha wasn’t played, she’s guilty.

Meanwhile, Porsha hasn’t spoken to NeNe in a long time, but NeNe’s spoken of on Porsha’s radio show “Dish Nation.” NeNe looks at Porsha as a little sister, and gave her a lot of advice. According to NeNe, Porsha never said she was thankful. It’s possible Porsha didn’t like the transparent advice NeNe gave her.

Kenya decided not to invite her father to her wedding. After hearing the reports of Kenya’s marriage, he called her to get the details. Kenya’s Dad was always telling Kenya to be careful and be cautious. To him, it was because so many guys screwed Kenya over. To Kenya, she just wanted her Dad to be happy for her and not so negative. He feels sorry that Kenya interpreted his words that way, but he’s even more sorry that he wasn’t there to give her away. “You think I didn’t want to be there? It’s the day I’ve been waiting for all your life!” They talked it out, and he put his sore feelings aside so he could be happy for his daughter. They’re on good terms.

Shereé is basically a private investigator the way she squeezes out information from people. We live for it!

Anyway, she asked Porsha about what happened between her and NeNe. Long story short, she felt embarrassed that NeNe gave advice in front of everyone. In Porsha’s mind, she feels that NeNe has been the one talking badly about her.

Well, everyone will come face-to-face at Cynthia’s 50th Birthday Party, where the theme is “50 Shades of Cynthia.” Everyone must come to the party dressed as a different version of Cynthia Bailey. We respect it.

While Cynthia and her daughter Noelle were getting their makeup done, Cynthia decided to give Peter a ring on his cellphone. She sent him an invite, but he never RSVP’d. Peter simply said he can’t make it, and to have a good time.

Anyway, Cynthia looked like her best self that night, and Kandi won an award for the best Cynthia. Speaking of Kandi, she had to separate herself from Porsha during the party. Basically, it started off with Porsha hugging and kissing her when she arrived. Then, she was trying to make small talk with everyone while Kandi was there. Um, that’d be a no.

Meanwhile, Porsha essentially ignored NeNe! To say “Hi” to Kandi and not NeNe, now that’s some deep shade.

Shereé felt like she was in the middle of the tension between NeNe and Porsha, so she brought them together, in the middle of Cynthia’s party, to talk it out. Oh, and talk it out they did. Porsha brought up when NeNe was on WWHL, and confessed she thinks Porsha should be “fired” from RHOA. NeNe said she never used the word “fired.” NeNe asked Porsha to roll the clip, and Porsha refused to do it at that moment.

They walk away from one another for a while, then NeNe circles back around to Porsha. NeNe said she wanted to “talk about everything,” and Porsha replied that she wants to “talk about what closed the door” to their friendship. NeNe goes, “I don’t want to talk about that.”

Girl what? You just said you want to talk about everything, but OK.

The two continued to bicker about what ended their friendship until NeNe decided to walk away, and out the door before Kandi sang happy birthday to Cynthia.

Damn it man, these housewives need more hugs!

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