By Joanne Rosa

Tonight, the kids are likely being mischievous in the streets, but the adults should be mischievous between the sheets!

These days, we should find any excuse we can to have a little more fun in the bedroom. The gag is, you could potentially be having more fun.

Dr. Mike Dow, New York Times bestseller and author of Heal Your Drained Brain spoke with us about why we should be going out of our comfort zone in the bedroom.

The Goody-Goody Days Are Gone

Ladies, this isn’t 1955. You no longer have to cage your inner desires in the kitchen, with pristine hair, making the perfect meatloaf dinner. Now, you can get hot and heavy wherever, and however you want it. Hell, you can even get it on the kitchen table, and sport wild sex hair for the rest of the day. The irony of it all! Seriously though, a good deal of women today are still passive in the bedroom compared to their male counterparts. Men have always been free to express their sexual desires without a second glance. Women were expected to be chaste, silent, and obedient. In the name of feminism, take advantage of the rights we’ve earned!

We Have Receipts

While talking with Dr. Dow about being more open minded to trying different things, he pointed out a study that included over 70,000 people. “While only 16% of those people engaged in sexual role play, 24% of the straight people who reported being the most sexually satisfied did incorporate sexual role play into their sex lives. This research tells us people are afraid to do it, but when you do, you may really like it… Being a little kinky [is] something that just about everyone wants. A whopping 94% of men and 78% percent of women report being intrigued by the idea of ‘kinky’ sex.”

You’ve Got Nothing to Lose

Whether you’re married or you’re in a FWB situation, it’s important to try new things with your partner. You never know what you might end up liking! “Find out what you really like–or don’t like. After all, only you are the expert of you.” If you or your partner discover something you like, then you developed a new way to find pleasure during sex. If it didn’t work out quite as you’d hoped, then you can cross it off of your list of things to try and move onto the next one. Either way, it’s still a valuable experience!