By Joanne Rosa

LISTEN to Kelly Clarkson’s Album “Meaning of Life”

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Kelly Clarkson’s new album “The Meaning of Life” dives into Kelly’s journey to self acceptance. Kelly told Rolling Stone, “I am a whole lot of woman – I have a big personality, I’m a grown-ass woman that can pay her bills, and I make a lot of money. That’s intimidating.”

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The first ever Idol winner worked with some high profile producers and songwriters on this album. For Kelly, this is the dawn of a new time in her life.

Kelly Clarkson’s new album “Meaning of Life” is available now.

READ “DIY Halloween Bash Decor with Michael Russo”


Remember that Halloween Party you told everyone you would have at your place? There’s not much time left to get everything together.

Now, if you’re looking for some scary nonsense that’s gonna pop out at you, look elsewhere. We don’t like scary around here. What we do like, is spooky, sophisticated, and fun.

That’s where lifestyle and celebrity party planner Michael Russo comes in.


Michael showed Wendy Watchers how to easily create Halloween decorations to make your Halloween bash a night to remember!

TASTE Spooky Halloween Treats


#FlashbackFriday to that time George Duran made Wendy some spooky Halloween treats!

George showed us how to make bacon wrapped meatballs, caramel apples with razor blade cookies, a bloody red chocolate fountain, and bleeding zom-brie. Get it? Whether you are hosting a halloween bash, or need to bring a dish to the one you’re going to, these snacks will impress every guest.

WATCH “Stranger Things” on Netflix


Stranger Things | Netflix

The highly anticipated season two of “Stranger Things” is on Netflix!

Some of us at Wendy may have already binge watched the entire season on Netflix at midnight.

In the new season, one year later, the guys are still together riding around their neighborhood on their bikes. However, Eleven is no where to be found, and the upside down is coming back with more strength!

Stranger Things | Netflix

Stranger Things | Netflix

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you can watch (or rewatch) season one on Netflix.

Stranger Things | Netflix

Stranger Things | Netflix

If you’re all caught up, binge watch this nostalgia filled thriller series all weekend!