The Gold Digger

Well, I was a teenager and I went on a date with my best friend’s cousin. We were sitting on the couch in the dark. The only light in the room was from the TV. He slipped his arm around my shoulders and I snuggled into his chest as we watched TV. Seems perfect, Right?


I looked up at him and caught him digging in his nose!

He pulled out a big nasty juicy booger and ate it!! I jumped up and said yuck! You just ate a booger! Of course he denied it, but he was busted.

Worst date ever.

-Stephanie from Georgia

The One That Got Towed Away

This was the very first date I had ever been on. I was 17 years old and was about to start college very soon. I am a very awkward person when I get around boys I like very much, unfortunately this was one of those situations, and a very messy one at best.

My date’s name, lets call him Peter, just happened to be childhood best friends with my best friend, lets call him Patrick. Peter had picked me up down the block because my parents are very strict and suspicious. We went down to the boardwalk and talked from one end to the other and back again. We had a great time with nothing to ruin the night, until his car got towed.

I suggested we go get ice cream after our walk and I told him to park in the fast food parking lot. Unfortunately, we did not see the “parking for customers only” sign since it was hidden by a tree. We got ice cream and came back to find a mysteriously empty parking lot. We looked everywhere for his car and started banging on the drive thru window begging them to help us get the car back. They told us we had to call the number on the sign to get the car.

I started panicking thinking we were stuck there and began calling all my friends to come pick us up. We called the tow company and they told us we had to pay $120 dollars to bring the car back. It was a really long night and terrible first date. The worst part was that Patrick had already started driving to come get us by the time we got the car back.

The car ride was so awkward on the ride home that neither of us spoke. Let’s just say we haven’t spoken to each other and I haven’t been on another date since.

-Remi from New York

You Make Me Sick!

Wendy, I was a youngin’ when this all happened, so let me break it down for you.

It was my very first date, ever. My date and I decided to go see the school play, which was a big deal in my town. I had friends in the play and everything. Anyway, the play is usually a little more than two hours long, with one intermission. We chatted a bit before the show, and then went to our seats to watch. I could hardly concentrate on the play because I just didn’t get a good feeling about him. He wasn’t the killer or anything, I just knew it wouldn’t work out between us.

Intermission came and went. I wanted to see my friends’ hard work, so I went back to my seat despite my feelings on my date. They say to always go with your gut instinct. This time, I really should have went with my guy instinct! I got myself so worked up about not wanting to be with my date that I made myself sick.

I told him I wasn’t feeling well, so we went outside. I threw up in the parking lot, and told him that I had to go home. He went back inside to see the rest of the show.

I had to wait for my Mom to come pick me up.

-Abby from New Mexico