There is an extra layer of anxiety when you’re a woman living on her own. You’re used to looking over your shoulder, and staying extra still in bed at night when you hear an unfamiliar sound in your home.

You can never be too careful when it comes to your safety. Unfortunately, we can’t all afford a home security system. Don’t be scared; be prepared!

Here is what you can do to stop break-ins, or foil the plan of “the killer” that’s lurking around!

Change the locks when moving into a new place
Who knows what walks of life lived in your home before you did, or whom they gave a key to! Put a stop to that uneasiness right away. Change the locks on all of the doors, and install additional locks on your doors. Yes, this includes the back door. That’s probably the first place the killer will look!

Don’t hide a spare key
C’mon, do you really think the killer isn’t going to look around the house for a spare key? Don’t lose your key, and you won’t need a spare one!

Don’t advertise that you’re going away
In the world of social media, we want to let everyone know what we’re doing and where we are. Skip the live video of your boat ride with the dolphins, or whatever it is you do to have fun. As far as posts go, even if you don’t tag your location, if you post what’s going on in real time, then you’re letting everyone who can see it know that you’re not home. Save all of your pics, boomerangs, and videos of a #latergram.

Have a neighbor collect your mail when you’re away
Nothing screams, “I’m not home,” like mail and packages piling up in your mailbox or at your front door. Make friends with your neighbors, and have them collect your mail and packages while you’re away. It’s never bad to find someone you can trust in the neighborhood. Plus, they’ll be able to keep an eye out on your house when you’re not home.

Put a pair of men’s boots outside your door
Make sure the boots are extra large, so the killer thinks you’re not alone. Hey, it’s worth a try.

Put timers on lights
Light timers aren’t terribly expensive and they’re a great way to make it look like someone is home. If it’s not in your budget, a quick and easy alternative is to leave a light on inside your home by a window. Make sure the light inside the home is visible from the outside of your house. This is crucial for the safety you’re trying to achieve!

Leave a radio on when you’re not home
This is a clever way to make it seem like someone is home. Put the radio on an AM station with a lot of talking, and put it on a high to medium volume in your bedroom. From a door, it will sound like someone is having a conversation or watching TV, inside.

Get a sliding door security bar
OK, if you think people are beyond climbing up your building, or fenced in yard, and coming into your home through the sliding doors, you’re (dare we say it) dead wrong. Sliding doors are arguably the easiest doors to break into. The locks aren’t strong, and they are easy to unlock from the outside. Purchase a sliding door security bar, or simply a medal rod or a long plank of wood, and put it between the empty space of the sliding door.