Trucks, Squirrels and Deer! Oh My!

Trucks, Squirrels and Deer! Oh My!


Trucks, squirrels and deer! Oh My!

My first date was a dinner and a movie with this guy that I recently met through a best friend. The reservation was for six o’ clock and he picked me up a few hours before.

Instead of going out to the mall or driving around to kill time, we went back to his house. I didn’t get a tour, I didn’t get a glass of water. I did, however, get to watch him clean out his truck!

When we arrived to the restaurant there was about a 30 minute wait, which was fine. I didn’t mind the wait. What I did mind is that he brought me to a 100% meat/fish restaurant after I told him I was vegan numerous times. The only vegan item on the menu was a side of black beans.

While I was eating my beans, my date kept mentioning how he eats squirrels and deer and that I should go hunting with him!

Worst. Date. Ever. I couldn’t wait to get home!

-Chanel from New York

The Five Mile Walk

So, I met this guy online and he seemed really nice!

I went out with him in the Boston area. Since I was new, I wanted a little tour around town. I met him at the subway station and recognized him immediately. Except, there was something different. His breakfast from this morning was still on his face! It was crusty and there was food sitting in the corners of his mouth. But I get it. Sometimes I can be sloppy too, so I just kept it moving.

Anyway, we decided to walk through the North End of Boston. Instead of meandering through the city, we walked at a brisk pace for three miles!

The whole time we walked (or jogged), he talked my ear off about how good he was to people and does a lot of favors. I understand that. I do a lot of favors too. Like help people with essays and stuff. He says to me, “No, with sexual favors.”

Finally, it was time to sit down and eat. But in lieu of that, he took me to the train station, got me one dollar pizza, and didn’t pay for it. I put my pizza on the table, took off my jacket, and went to grab some napkins. When I came back, he looks at me and goes, “By the way, I don’t really care about body size either.”

EXCUSE ME?! I was peeved.

After lunch, we continued walking around the water area. My feet were crying, but at this point I just wanted to get home. While walking together, he poked me in the stomach out of no where.

“What the heck?!” I screamed.

“Oh, I was just seeing your boundaries.” He then continued with his sexual favor talk and and about how he’s had so many girlfriends.

We were so close to home. He said to me, “I really appreciate when people are honest.” I took that as my cue. I told him, “OK. Since you appreciate honesty, when you poked me and made all of those comments earlier you made me feel really uncomfortable.”

He had nothing to say, he just kept walking. He was walking faster now, and we reached the nearest subway station. He started to walk a little bit faster, and faster, and faster. Eventually, he looked back directly into my eyes, turned back around and started running.

Yes Wendy. He actually ran away from me!

I mean, I would have run too but my feet were killing me and we basically just walked five miles. That was my first date from hell.

-Marcella from New York

That Time Your Ex’s Song Played at Dinner

How you doin’ Wendy!?

In an attempt to get over my ex, my friend decided we should go on a double date.

Her date brought along a friend for me. There was a moment where she and her date left my date and I alone. Things were kind of awkward, but things got really awkward when a song came on that made my day feel a type of way.

As soon as he heard this song playing, he stared hysterically crying.

He told me that he recently broke up with his girlfriend, whom he’s still in love with, and he had a nervous break down a few days ago.

It was in this moment, I knew I could wait to date.

-Yanina from New York