Celebs Who Keep Us Smiling

Celebs Who Keep Us Smiling


By Joanne Rosa

It’s #WorldSmileDay today!

With all that’s going on in the world, there are plenty of reasons to frown.

But hey, that’s not what The Wendy Williams Show is about! We like to entertain our people and so do these celebs.

In honor if World Smile Day, check out the ten celebrities whose smiles keep us smiling on a cloudy day.

Julia Roberts


Let’s start with the most obvious, shall we? Julia Roberts’ smile has been her name to fame since she stepped into the spotlight. Julia says she brushes her teeth every night with baking soda (just baking soda).

Mario Lopez


Mario has been charming us since 1984. We don’t doubt it has something to do with his smile. Over the summer, Mario had to get his chipped tooth fixed to keep his audience charmed.

Naomi Campbell


Friend to the show Naomi Campbell is an ageless beauty. Whether she’s waving to her adoring fans or laughing on the red carpet, she is simply stunning.

Chris Hemsworth


Chris is normally so serious. When we do catch him smiling, it’s worth the wait. How does he make us smile? Usually by taking his shirt off.

Jennifer Lopez


Jenny from the Block has one great smile and one of the best set of teeth in Hollywood! Can you guess who is making Jennifer Lopez smile so hard in the picture on the right?

Michael Ealy


With those dreamy blue eyes, Michael Ealy doesn’t have to do much to make us smile. Between his captivating conversation and charming good looks, Michael Ealy spreads sunshine where ever he goes.

Christie Brinkley


Christie has that supermodel smile! She lucked out by not needing braces, which she attributes to her mom. This year, Christie helped 300 children with cleft lips and palates smile with the help of the Smile Train organization.

The Rock


From then to now, The Rock’s smile has stayed the same. There are three things in this life that make The Rock smile real big:

Gina Rodriguez


Gina has that Hollywood smile down! Whether she’s on the red carpet, or posing for a photoshoot, her smile lights up the room.

Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds is known for his sexy and mysterious smile. He doesn’t often smile with his teeth, but when he does, it’s probably because his fabulous wife Blake Lively is by his side.