O.J. Might Be Released on Monday

OJ Simpson Bids For Freedom In Parole Hearing

The Juice might be loose as soon as Monday!

Remember, OJ was acquitted of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, but was later held civilly liable for their deaths. O.J. was ordered to pay Ron’s family $33 million dollars. Now, the Goldmans are seeking $65 million dollars because of interest owed over the years.

O.J. may live with a friend in Naples Florida. He will be supervised by the state division of parole and probation for five years.

Simon Cowell Throws Shade

"America's Got Talent" Season 11 Finale Live Show - Arrivals

The O-G of American Idol Simon Cowell doesn’t think singers make good judges. He sat down with Harvey Levin to dish about what he think of the new judges. “Do you think Madonna wants to find Madonna… no, she wants Madonna to be more successful.” When asked about Katy Perry judging Idol, he simply said, “good luck.”

“Bobbi Kristina” Movie Fires Back

We Will Always Love You: A GRAMMY Salute to Whitney Houston - Backstage

The producers of the “Bobbi Kristina” movie are firing back at Bobby Brown. Bobby is trying to block the movie from airing because he claims it portrays him as a violent drug abuser. The producers are hitting back, saying he portrayed himself that way in his own book.

On page 139, he says Bobbi Kristina “often saw her mother and father high. On page 152, he says he once slapped Whitney in the face.

“Bobbi Kristina” is scheduled to air on October 8th at 7pm on TV One.