Date Night Dinner Gone Wrong

I was constantly being asked out by a co-worker. When I accepted, he said he was going to make me dinner at his house.

When I showed up, I didn’t smell anything cooking. Well, that’s because he forgot about our date!

I figured he would start cooking something or take me out, but no. We sat and watched TV for an hour.

I finally asked, “Sooo, where’s dinner?” He said, “Oh, are you hungry?”

He goes to the kitchen and starts cooking. Or so I think. Ten minutes later, he comes out to the living room with four Hot Pockets on a napkin and holds it in front of me. “Here take one!”

-Mary from Michigan

Set Up By the Churchgoer

This story was seven years ago, when I’d just turned 18 years-old. My neighbor and my father had become close over the many years they lived next door to each other.

I was living with my father at the time, and the neighbor felt close enough to invite my father and I to attend a party for the pastor’s son at her church. She was very involved with the church. Somehow, I was twisted to agree.

Long story short, I drive out to the address given to me, and arrive at a house that appears to have no festivities. I walk up to the house, and there’s no party.


Instead, there’s a skinny church boy waiting to take me out to dinner. His parents accompanied us to dinner, and then they pushed the two of us to see a movie together afterwards.

Needless to say, this was the worst first date ever.

-Sydne from DC

Blind Date’s Secret Uncovered

My best friend and her boyfriend at the time set me up on a blind date with one of their friends. He was such a catch and a great guy!

We talked, and ate an amazing meal in Miami. After a few drinks, we decided to have dessert at his apartment. Wendy, we literally had dessert, and then he thought we were gonna be dippin’ it and down’ it. Well, he was right.

Everything was going great, until I came across a picture of him and his husband from their wedding day.

I asked my date if something had happened to him. Nope. The man is alive and well. He was allegedly living and working in a different country.

Needless to say, we never set up a second date.

-Andrew from New Jersey