No Sparks Between Us

Before going on our first date, my suitor invited me to his house. He told me about the swimming pool and fireplace that he had and to be ready.

I thought to myself, “how lovely and romantic.” When I arrived, I told my date I couldn’t wait to get into the pool and dry up by the fireplace.

Wendy, the pool was an inflatable, blowup pool. The fireplace plugged into the wall.

Needless to say, that was our last date.

-Maria from New York

“You Plan On Payin’?”

I went on a first date after getting out of a long-term relationship. It was on Cinco de Mayo. The guy lived about 45 minutes from me and wanted me to come to his house. He insisted on it. So, I went.

On the ride to the restaurant (which was only 20 minutes from my place btw), he blasted his stereo. I asked him to turn it down, and he literally turned it down by one notch. I also asked him to turn the AC on and close the windows since I just had my hair done. At that point he caught an attitude.

We got to the restaurant, and it was an hour and a half wait.

While we were waiting he asks me if I planned on paying for any of the food or drinks. Wendy, I’m a southern girl, so I was in shock.

Before I could say anything, he was like, “Never mind. You can pay next time.” In my mind, I was like there won’t be a next time!

He then invited his fraternity brothers to join us for dinner .

When the night ended, he had the nerve to try and kiss me; denied!

I never went on another date with him again, but a year later we bumped into each other. He asked me why I didn’t go out with him again, and I told him it was because he asked me to pay. His response was because I made more money than him.

I was done…again.

-Lashawna from Washington D.C.

Longtime Crush, Big Time Disappointment

How you doin’ Wendy?!

OK, so I finally went out on a date with a longtime crush of mine. He was a fine guy; real fine.

Everything was going well in the beginning. We clicked and were having a great time, until the food arrived.

My “date” pulled out a roach from his pocket. Yes. A roach!

He laughed, looked deep into my eyes, and said, “I’m going to put this in the food so we don’t have to pay.”

I was absolutely disgusted. So disgusted, that I immediately got up and left the restaurant.

Like really? How could he do that?!

-Lanette from New York

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