By Joanne Rosa

Last time we watched The Bachelorette, we left Rachel and Peter contemplating the status of their relationship, and what they wanted at the end of this journey. Rachel and Peter wouldn’t budge on their stances about getting engaged at the end of the show. Peter wants to remain boyfriend and girlfriend, and Rachel wants him to bend the knee.

Despite that, Rachel and Peter still opted to go into the fantasy suite for the sake of spending more time together. Let’s just say they both looked much happier when they left, but they still have no idea what will happen with their relationship.

Later on (hours, days, who knows), Rachel and Bryan met up. They rode horses down the wine vineyard to a gazebo and talked. Well, Bryan talked. Rachel couldn’t get Peter out of her head, and Bryan could tell something was up.


At dinner, Bryan called Rachel out on the vibes he was getting all day. She commended him for picking up on how she’s feeling and admitted she was stressed. When dinner was finished, Rachel offered up the fantasy suite to him. When they got upstairs, Bryan left no doubt in Rachel that he loves her and wants to marry her.

That’s a nice change of pace compared to where she left off with Peter.

Rachel confirmed with Chris in the finale that she did have a list of questions to ask the men. Smart girl!

Rachel wants someone who is secure, confident, and knows what he wants. She wants a proposal at the end of this journey so it was somewhat surprising when she sent Eric home.

Rachel told Eric she loves him, but she’s not in love with him. Eric thanked Rachel for allowing him to fall in love.

True gentleman. Next Bachelor, maybe?

Rachel and Bryan went on a hot air balloon around Rioja, Spain the next morning. It was romantic and Bryan cherished every moment he had with Rachel, knowing it could be their last day together. That being said, he straight up told Rachel not choosing him would be a mistake.

Rachel always said she likes confidence.

The next day, Rachel met up with Peter for the last time before the proposal. Peter wants to really mean it when he proposes and he only wants to do it once. Peter has 24 hours to figure out if he wants to propose to Rachel and he has no idea what he wants to do.

Rachel swung by his room and Peter dropped the bomb that he is not ready to propose tomorrow. As much as he sees a future with Rachel, and loves her, he wants to build a relationship before he proposes. It’s a realistic idea, but it’s not what Rachel wants. She wants to be with someone that wants the same thing she wants, and she doesn’t want to force Peter into her relationship goals.

Rachel and Peter’s conversation went in circles before they both said goodbye to each other one last time. They whispered that they loved each other before Rachel tore herself away.

She literally cried her eyelashes off.

Rachel got to see Peter for the first time since their breakup, and using the words emotional and frustrating simply doesn’t cut it. Peter became emotional backstage watching the breakup, and revealed he still deeply cares for Rachel, and even tried to reach out to her with no luck. Peter felt “attacked” shortly after Rachel told Peter she is “living her best life.” They wish the best for each other.

This leaves Bryan the chiropractor. The relationship that always seemed too good to be true is finally coming full circle. Bryan was always Wendy’s choice. Despite Rachel’s recent breakup with Peter, she was ready to say yes to Bryan. When Bryan proposed to Rachel, she let out a squeal, said yes, and put that huge rock on her finger.

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Bryan and Rachel look happier than ever, but won’t be rushing down the aisle.

Congrats to the newest Bachelorette couple!

Who do you think should be the next Bachelor?