By Joanne Rosa

Rachel is thrilled to be back home in Dallas. She wants the guys to meet her family ASAP.

Peter is up first!

The first thing Rachel did was bring Peter to a baby clothing store. No, she’s not cray. She needs a gift for her pregnant sister.

Meanwhile, Eric and Bryan are chilling at their hotel, judging Peter for saying he may not be ready to bend the knee to Rachel. They’re like, what are you here for?

Before seeing Rachel’s family, he told her he “forgot” to tell her that he’s falling in love with her. Rachel was happy to hear it, and said the same to him!

Rachel’s Dad, Federal Judge Sam A. Lindsay, is unable to meet Rachel’s potential suitors with the family. Rachel knows that her Mom isn’t afraid to ask the tough question.

Peter wasted no time telling her family that he was skeptical about the entire process, how he feels, and how he can’t see himself without her.

Out of all of the guys, Peter has been the most reserved, and she respects him for that.

Rachel’s Mom took Peter aside to talk privately. She asked him what qualities would make him want to propose to Rachel. He was honest with saying he will not be asking for her blessing, because when he asks he wants to mean it. Rachel’s Mom spoke for her and Rachel’s Dad when she said she liked his transparency.

To say the meeting went well is an understatement. The vibes were good, and their relationship grew by being in the place of comfort with Rachel’s family.

Next up is Eric. He could hardly sleep. Remember, this is his first serious relationship, and the first time he is meeting another girl’s family in seven years.

Meanwhile, Bryan discloses to Peter that he plans to show Rachel’s family the chemistry they have, and he plans to ask the family for Rachel’s hand.


Back to Eric; he shakes off his nerves, and walks in holding hands with Rachel. Once the greetings were finished, they all sat down and Eric dove right into what his family life was like, and how his last relationship was in 2015 for eight months.

Rachel’s sister (insert sister’s her name?) sat Eric down for the real talk, and Eric gave her real talk right back. He showed his genuine self and talked about how he and Rachel have the same goals. He convinced Constance. After that, Rachel’s Mom sat Eric down and asked similar questions. Eric said he wants what Rachel’s parents have – a solid foundation, love, and sacrifice.

Eric asked Mrs. Lindsay for Rachel’s hand in marriage, and she said she felt comfortable with that.

Last, but not least, it’s Bryan’s turn. Before Rachel brought Bryan home, she brought him to meet two of her closest friends. Like the rest of the guys, Bryan skipped over the small talk and got right down to business. They didn’t mind that though. It’s not like they had much time to be with him, so it’s best to get to the facts.

Mrs. Lindsay asked Bryan the tough questions that perhaps Rachel didn’t have the guts to ask, like where Bryan’s loyalty would lay if Rachel and his Mother got into an argument. Mrs. Lindsay made sure the answer was potential wife-to-be, Rachel.

When they sat down for dinner, the questions didn’t stop. One after another, Bryan was put in the hot seat. There was a point where Bryan excused himself before answering a simple question about Rachel.

Rachel immediately asked her family why they were being the way they were, and their answer was simply that they needed clarity. They could see he was a charmer, but they weren’t sure if he was being genuine. The fact that he had an answer for everything, made the whole family give him the side eye, so-to-speak.

Mrs. Lindsay is uncomfortable with the word love overall, which is exactly the word Bryan used when he asked for Mrs. Linday’s blessing to marry Rachel. After some weary words of wisdom, Mrs. Lindsay granted Bryan her blessing to marry Rachel.

Even with the rocky start, Rachel deemed the meet and greets a success.

Oh yes. This is where it’s all gonna go down. The fantasy suites, the rejections, and the proposal.

Eric was the first to explore Spain with Rachel, and she is most confused about him. Eric confessed that he has so many emotions that he needs to tell her about, but it’s easier said than done.

After their little adventure, they retreated to an intimate candlelit dinner. Rachel is waiting to hear more from Eric, and Eric is trying to summon up the courage to tell her everything. He starts to tell her how he’s feeling, but he can’t exactly find the words. Rachel helps push him in the right direction, and he finally says he loves her. He’s here for her.

Rachel doesn’t have to wonder anymore. So, she hands him an invitation to the fantasy suite.

Well, Rachel was wearing a onesie after the fantasy suite and if Eric doesn’t want to marry her right there, then we don’t know what else to say.

Next day (or maybe not since it’s not totally clear how many days between the fantasy suite), Peter and Rachel tasted wine, and got their very own little wine cellar. Afterwards, Rachel learns that Peter didn’t ask Mrs. Lindsay for her hand in marriage. Right when they are about to talk about it, an adorable little girl interrupts them.

At dinnertime, they bring the topic of marriage up again. Rachel didn’t come on the show to get a boyfriend, she came to get engaged. Peter directly correlates engagement with marriage, and reiterated that he will not propose unless he knows he wants to marry Rachel.

Neither Rachel nor Peter will meet halfway when it comes to their stance on engagement.

Rachel is simply devastated, but she came here to find her husband.

And so, we have to wait two weeks for the final rose ceremony to find out who Rachel chooses!