By Joanne Rosa

Whether you live in the middle of no where, or a busy city, there’s a part of your hometown that never leaves you.



Eric is the lucky man to go first. They met on the basketball court, where Eric spent a lot of his time growing up. He explained to Rachel that he didn’t grow up with many role models, but he always admired his strong mother. She went through life saying she doesn’t need anyone by her side to be OK in life, so Eric went through his own life with the same mantra. So yeah, this is his reason for not bringing anyone home.

Rachel and Eric were more than a little nervous, but the whole family welcomed her with open arms. Eric’s Aunt Verna loves Rachel’s down to earth personality. She sat Rachel down and let Rachel vent about the difficulties she faced being the first black Bachelorette. Aunt Verna also reassured Rachel that he is ready for a serious commitment.

Real talk with Auntie Verna.

On the other end of the home, Eric sat down with his Mom, Karen, and talked out some of his Mommy issues. She explained that she wanted Eric to become his own man, and not lean on his Mom for help all the time.

Eric and Rachel have an opposites attract situation. They’re like Prince William and Megan Markle. Or, maybe the princess and the frog is a better comparison.

Overall, the meet and greet was a success. Eric walked Rachel out, and said those three little words. I love you.

The bar is set high for the rest of the guys.



Rachel greeted Bryan by saying, “Hey baby.” She’s never called anyone else that.

Just sayin’.

Anyway, Bryan’s last relationship failed because of his family and girlfriend not getting along, so he’s nervous. Bryan is an only child, so his family is very involved in his relationships.

Bryan’s Mom, Olga, wants the best for her son. At the same time, she finds it hard to believe that after all of the girls he’s dated, he’s going to end up with the girl he met in TV.

Rachel told Mama Olga that no man has ever treated her how Bryan has. Mama Olga said that when you marry the man, you marry the family. And if Rachel doesn’t make him happy, she will kill her. She laughed, but we’re pretty sure she’s serious. At the end of the convo, Rachel and Mama Olga were both crying tears of joy for Rachel and Bryan’s relationship.

Rachel walked out of Bryan’s house feeling happy, but was even happier when Bryan told her he is “in love” with her.

Oh yes. That’s two for two devotions of love for Rachel.

Rachel had a better reaction to Bryan than she did to Eric. Her facial expression said it all.

Bryan successfully set the bar even higher for the remaining two men’s hometown visits.



Peter and Rachel were thrilled to see one other. Clearly, they missed each other.

They headed out to the local market, got some fresh pickles, and then headed to one of Peter’s favorite restaurants. Little did Rachel know, she was going to meet some of Peter’s closest friends. Peter pulled the guys aside to bounce some of his concerns off of them. They reassured him to not be afraid of the future.

Next up – the family meet and greet!

Peter spoke to his Mom, Lynn, about his concerns with letting his walls down.

When Rachel sat down with Mama Lynn, she shared that Peter wasn’t necessarily ready to propose, but he’s ready for a commitment. Rachel expects to be married with more than one kid in 4 years. Not so sure how that’s gonna play.

We want this relationship to work, but he needs to be let his walls down.

On another note, Rachel is right, he’s gonna be a great Dad. Peter was so great with his niece that we almost forgot about all of his commitment issues.



Dean is ready to commit, but not necessarily ready to open up. Even so, things come easy for Dean and Rachel. She forgets all of her worries, and he forgets about all of his family problems.

Dean hasn’t spoken to his father in two years. Rachel will be the first woman to meet his entire family. The father Rachel will meet is not the father Dean grew up with. Since his Mother’s death when he was 15, his father has never been the same.

Dean said he wasn’t nervous to see his family; he was terrified. Despite his fears, they walked in together and the entire family was very welcoming. Dean’s father, Paramroop Singh Khalsa, had everyone lie on the floor while he played the gong for them. Rachel thought the whole thing was peaceful. Dean’s Dad asked for the room so he and Dean could talk.

They hardly spoke about Rachel. The reunion was their time to hash out their past. Was anything accomplished? Not really. They both left the conversation with more frustrations than they began with.

Rachel attempted to talk to Papa Paramroop, but it too didn’t go anywhere, because she is connected to Dean in his eyes. He “honors” their relationship. That’s what it came down to. Rachel also spoke with Dean’s sister, who couldn’t speak any higher of him, and the strength he holds for their entire family.

At the end of the night, while lying on the floor from emotional exhaustion, Dean expressed how difficult this situation is, especially because he’s falling in love.

There ya have it.

Rachel thought she would get some clarity by seeing everyone’s hometown, but she said this decision is harder than ever.

Chris let Rachel talk through her thoughts before she walked out for the rose ceremony. She’s very uncomfortable with letting someone go tonight.

The last four standing are certainly a good looking crew, but one has gotta go. To the man Rachel has to say goodbye to tonight, she says she is so sorry, and that he is a good person.

Peter and Dean were the last two without a rose. After everything, Dean didn’t get a rose.

Rachel didn’t think Dean was ready for the same things she was ready for at this point in his life.

Do you think Rachel made the right decision?