5 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

5 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep


By Joanne Rosa

It’s late at night and you’re talking to someone. No, not like that. That’s an article for another day! Anyway, so you’re chatting away, when one of you says it’s time to get some shuteye. People often reply, “sleep well!”

As a country that works like crazy, fueled by caffeine throughout the day, and eyeballs glued to a screen more often than not, it’s no wonder we wish a good nights rest to our friends and family.

The struggle to get a good night sleep is real!

America’s work lifestyle isn’t changing anytime soon, coffee is great, and technology isn’t going away. We’ve heard plenty of times that devices like phones, TVs, and practically anything with a screen can make it harder to sleep at night. We also know you probably won’t stop doing those things because, well, we’re living in 2017.

We have tips for you that work for our early risers at the Wendy office, so they could work for you too.

Create a bedtime routine
Kids and dogs thrive on routines, so why not adults?! When you create a routine for yourself, you prepare your mind and your body for sleep. Yes, this includes a regular bedtime. Maybe right after catching up on your latest dose of Hot Topics, you get ready for bed. Create a routine that works for you, and it could trigger your body to wind down, and get ready for sleep.

Hot shower before bed
If you’re more of a morning shower person, you may want to switch to nighttime showers. Studies have shown that when we raise our body temperature slightly, we become sleepier, and experience a more restful sleep afterwards. Plus, it’s always a nice feeling to know that you are washing away the day’s grime, and sliding into your bed nice and clean.

Make your bed your sanctuary
Many of us are guilty of using our bed as a place to eat, watch TV, work and many other things. We get it. It’s the most comfortable place in your home! Here’s the problem: now, your mind has become accustomed to associating the bed with things other than sleep. We’ll let the bedroom activities stay, but cut the eating and watching TV portion out of your life.

Cut caffeine after noon
Coffee is a wonderful thing. It tastes great, and gives you the morning kick start you need to wake up. Here’s the problem: caffeine from coffee can take up to six hours to leave your body. Many of us experience that three o’ clock drowsiness at work. There’s still a lot of work to be done and it makes sense to down some coffee, right? Wrong! Caffeine is basically delaying your body clock, which can reduce the amount of sleep you get each night. Keep it to a morning cup of joe and maybe opt for some chocolate in the afternoon.

White noise
Does that dog outside never shut up? Is it ever so quiet in your place you can hear a pin drop? Both situations can make it difficult to fall asleep. By having white noise on while you fall asleep, your brain can tune everything out. Plus, if you ever travel, it could potentially help you fall asleep in a different environment.