KKW Contour Kit Review

KKW Contour Kit Review


By Joanne Rosa

Finally, Kim Kardashian-West came out with her own makeup line. It was only proper for Kim’s first product to be a contour kit. We went to their website when it launched at 9am PST, and waited for our turn to purchase the kit in the color “dark.”

DARK Crème Contour and Highlight Kit. Coming 6.21 9am PST to KKWBEAUTY.COM

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Of course, the kit arrived while we were on vacation! Now that we’re back, our guest hair and makeup artist, Nani, is ready to try out the kit.

The packaging looked clean, almost sterile. The kit arrived in tact, so that’s really all that matters.

The kit came with three wands; a contour wand with two tones of brown, a highlight wand with a matte highlight and a shimmer highlight, and a blending wand with a sponge and a brush. It also included a little note from the Contour Queen herself, as well as some directions and pointers on the products.


Nani liked the colors of the contour sticks, but was concerned about the highlighter color on Autumn’s complexion. It looked to be too dark for her skin at first sight. The next thing Nani noticed was the amount of product in the “wands.” It’s less than a tube of lipstick, which was a bit of a let down.


Now, onto makeup application!


Nani began with the highlighter under the eyes. Nani admitted that it was difficult to smooth the product and Autumn could feel the product tugging at her skin.

Overall, Nani could see a lot of pigment in the highlighter, which is good. It honestly could even be used as a concealer! Once the highlight was done, Nani moved on to the contouring.


Nani was surprised at how creamy the contour sticks were! She was able to use a light touch on Autumn, and get a lot of product out. In fact, be careful not to press down too much when applying. You could crush the entire product. Yes, it’s that creamy!


Contouring is done; time for blending!

Dual-ended blending brush and sponge, part of the Crème Contour and Highlight Kit, launching 6.21

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The kit came a dual ended wand for blending. One end is a brush, and the other is a wand. Nani tried the sponge, but it just wasn’t working.

The KKW sponge didn’t blend the makeup well, and it was too hard. Instead, Nani opted to use her own blending sponge, and the brush on the other end of the KKW blending wand. The brush blended everything seamlessly.

With some finishing touches, it was finally time for that glowy shimmer highlight.

Nani was concerned the highlight in the “dark” kit wasn’t the right shade for Autumn, and she was right. Autumn needed something a little lighter, but with the same bronzy hues. Kim recommends that sometimes it’s best to purchase more than one kit to get the right look, but that’s an expense many aren’t willing to pay. We keep it real here for you at Wendy. Ok? Ok.

Instead of using the highlighter as originally intended, Nani repurposed it to be an eye shadow. It looked great, and attained that monochromatic look Kim is always doing.


Since Wendy is all about that highlight, Nani added something else to give her that glow from within look.

The result: fabulous. Autumn looks chizzled and natural. She said it didn’t feel heavy on her skin, and it stayed on while she finished up the day at her Wendy internship.


The KKW contour kit is currently out of stock, but restock dates are coming soon!

Who’s makeup line is better: Kim’s or Kylie’s?