By Joanne Rosa

And then there were six.

Adam, Bryan, Dean, Eric, Matt and Peter.

Rachel will choose two men to send home and the remaining four will get to bring her to their hometown.

The guys are happy to be in Geneva, but they’re not happy Rachel is taking Bryan on another one-on-one date.

The shade of it all.

Rachel told the guys to trust her and not get in into their own head too much. Of course, they don’t take her advice.

First of all, Rachel’s all white outfit is everything. We will let you know where she got it from ASAP.

Rachel has never treated a man like how she is treating Bryan today. It’s all about luxury. She had a Bentley parked outside for Bryan to drive around. Then, she brought him to a Swiss watch shop, and bought him one.

Oh yes.

Bryan’s reaction was basically like our reaction when a date tells us they are also a Wendy Watcher.

Anyway, so they go on this boat, and, well, there was a lot of making out. They cruised over to a quaint flower field and talked about their feelings.

This was literally the most romantic date yet.

Rachel wanted to know how Bryan became Bryan. AKA she wanted to know about his last serious relationship. He said it was eerily similar to what he & Rachel have going on.

Except the fact that they are on national television and traveling the world.

Yeah so, Rachel is completely head over heels for Bryan and wants to meet his family.

She gave him a rose, which means she will meet his family in Miami!

Put on your Sunday’s best

Dean was the lucky man who got to go on a date alone with Rachel. It doesn’t get better than that. What’s weird, is that he said earlier he isn’t sure if he wants Rachel to go to his hometown and meet his family.

‘Scuse you? This is Rachel Lindsay, greatest bachelorette of all time. What’s wrong with you?!

OK, back to the date.

Rachel brought Dean to church. A Catholic Church, and the entire mass was in French. He didn’t look too excited. Rachel had never been to a Catholic Church before, but she is religious. Rachel wants someone who honors and respects her faith.

The town is quiet, and so is Dean. He keeps worrying about his family. It’s like pulling teeth to get Dean to talk about his feelings. He literally asked Rach if she believed in the tooth fairy and what her favorite dinosaur was.


Rachel is worried that their relationship lacks depth and Dean’s basically proving her right.

He’s a boy. Plain and simple. But maybe we’d understand it all if he just talked about his family a bit. We’re dying to know Dean!

Rachel comes clean and tells Dean that he’s been off and demands to know what’s up. He confesses that his Dad never stepped up to the plate after his mom passed away. He is worried that Rachel will judge the longevity of their relationship on what his family is like.

Rachel reassured him that’s not the case. Family is important, but she would never be so harsh. With that being said, she gave him a rose.

We’re at the peak of our relationship

Peter may have already hit the peak of his relationship with Rachel. The last one-on-one date they had was during week one.

They took a helicopter to the top of a mountain and Peter expressed his doubts about the relationship. He admitted he almost dropped out at some point during the process, but decided to stick with it. Rachel was humbled, thinking back to her doubts when she was on The Bachelor. With all of that being said, Rachel and Peter fell back into things quickly.

They enjoyed the rest of their date, and things got serious when they sat down for a candlelit dinner. When Rachel asked Peter about his last serious relationship, it looked like he was still holding a candle for the past woman in his life. He started tearing up telling Rachel about his breakup and that he thinks he’s ready to open his heart again.

Yeah, he said he thinks he’s ready. Peter, you are lucky Rachel likes you so much.

Rachel said she would be honored to meet Peter’s family and friends, and gave Peter a rose.

Tomorrow will be difficult. I don’t know what else to say.

Eric, Adam, and Matt are having a difficult time realizing that only one man will come out of this date with a rose.

Rachel figured that if she’s going to have to do this, she might as well be getting on a boat to France and popping a bottle of bubbly.

Rach, we like your style.

So, she pulls Eric aside first and has a great chat. He wants to be the shoulder for her to lean on, and he’s no longer afraid to take the leap with her, as he was in the beginning.

After Eric, she pulled Matt aside. They got to talking and she slowly started welling up with emotion. Yup. Breakup time for poor Matt. She said he reminded her of herself, but that it wasn’t right to keep him around when she had stronger feelings for other men in the house.

He hardly shed a tear to be honest. Bye, Matthew.

As for Eric and Adam, Rachel said she has no idea what she is going to do.

She dressed for a funeral when she came down the stairs for dinner.

Adam just couldn’t stop talking. He was attentive and open to telling Rachel about his family.

As for Eric, Rachel was able to see a part of him that she hasn’t seen before. He told Rachel of his struggles growing up in Baltimore and how he never had a relationship to look up to. He’s seen family members get high, get arrested, and get into all sorts of trouble. He has never seen his parents together and he’s never brought a girl home. Rachel was open to Eric’s family, but concerned that he’s 29 and never brought someone home.

Still, Rachel has no idea what she wants.

As a guy in that position, it can’t be a nice thing to hear how hard it is to make a decision about who to keep around.

At the end of the day, she went with her gut, and her gut said Eric. Adam had to watch the whole thing.


Adam thinks Rachel made a mistake. From the viewers POV, he’s lucky we knew his name.

Then there were four. Bryan, Dean, Eric, and Peter are the last men standing and it looks like hometown visits are abut to change everything.

Were you surprised Matt and Adam went home?