Lamar Odom is Taller Than…

Lamar Odom is Taller Than…


By Joanne Rosa

Lamar Odom is many things; he’s kind, generous, genuine, and tall!

Lamar is a towering 6’ 10” tall, making everything around him look miniature. If you think you’ve got tall people problems, think again. Lamar has you beat.

Check out the six things Lamar Odom is taller than.



OK, so there is no official or standard height for a showerhead, but this is the most typical tall person problem there is. You can adjust the height for ones in your home, but what about when traveling?! The inconvenience of it all.

Elevator Door

Elevator Doors Closed

The average height of an elevator door is 6’8” tall. Sometimes elevator doors can be 7’ or 8’ tall, but that’s not standard. So usually, we’re assuming Lamar has to tilt his head while he’s in the elevator. It’s claustrophobic enough as it is in there!

The Hummer H2


The Hummer H2 was built between 2002-2009, and is taller than the rest (depending on the wheels you decide to put on it, of course.) This Hummer is 79 inches tall, which means Lamar has a clear view over the top.

King Size Bed

Master Bedroom with King-Size Bed in Luxurious Home

Luckily, Lamar probably doesn’t have to deal with this too often, but just for your perspective, there is no way Lamar could fit comfortably in a king size bed. A king bed is 80 inches long, so Lamar’s feet and ankles would hang off of the bed, and that’s if his head is at the very top. A California king bed is 84 inches long. Just think about how you sleep at night. If you were as tall as Lamar, you’d definitely be getting a custom made bed to fit you.

ATM Machines

3d ATM machine.

Obviously, Lamar is taller than an ATM machine. A lot of people are taller than an ATM machine. Here’s the gag: when you walk up to an ATM machine, the keypad is at your fingertips and you have a clear view of the screen. Lamar, we’re guessing has to take a knee for this one.

Wendy Williams


Wendy always talks about being a tall woman, and she is. Wendy stand at 5’10” without heels on. Lamar is a foot taller than Wendy. They sure look good together in their interview though!

Are you a tall person? What is your worst tall person problem?