BACHELORETTE RECAP: Battle of the Alpha Males

BACHELORETTE RECAP: Battle of the Alpha Males


By Joanne Rosa

Last time we left the guys, Eric and Lee were arguing during cocktail hour. While Eric was visibly upset, Lee was purposefully laughing and trying to push his buttons.

Lee said he doesn’t plan to make peace with Eric and he expects to have problems with other guys in the house as well.

He proved himself right by hovering over Kenny while he was talking to Rachel. He spoke to him in a condescending tone and just wanted to get under Kenny’s skin.

Dean took it upon himself to point out that the only people he’s seen Lee pick fights with have been those he’s “not used to seeing on a daily basis on a cultural perspective.” The producers asked what he meant by that, to which he responded, “you know exactly what I mean.”

Remember, Lee’s racist tweets from a few years ago surfaced after The Bachelorette season began.

Rachel admitted that Brian’s charm scares her and told him he thinks he’s too good to be true. Brian reassured her not to be scared and that this could be a fairytale.

We’ll be the judges of that.

Kenny decided to take Lee aside and discuss the obvious tension between them. Kenny told Lee how disrespectful he was for interrupting him not once, but twice. Lee was determined to make an angry man angrier by smiling, and telling him he had no idea what he was talking about.

The two walked away, but the discussion didn’t go unnoticed. It changed the entire night.

Rachel became emotional when talking about the “pressures of being a black woman” and how the men have no idea what it’s like to be in her position. Rachel cut the cocktail hour short and went straight to the rose ceremony.

Rachel premised the ceremony by saying the night was heavy, frustrating and it didn’t go how she expected.

Rachel said goodbye to Bryce, Brady, and Diggy.

Yes, Lee stayed.

Rachel closed the ceremony by asking the guys to leave the drama behind and move forward.

The Bachelorette crew headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Our love is about to take off…

Dean was the lucky guy to get stolen away by Rachel. Literally, she actually walked into the guys’ suite and took Dean away.

If looks could kill, Dean wouldn’t be here.

Anyway, Dean drove a Jeep wrangler with Rachel in the passenger seat and enjoyed a nice picnic on the hood of the car. The champagne was flowing and the conversation was going, when a blimp showed up. To their surprise, the blimp was their ride. Rachel was giddy with excitement, while Dean was frozen with fear.

With a huge fear of heights, this could be Dean’s last date with Rachel.

Dean was clearly in a sweat during take off, but he conquered his fears (for Rachel obviously), and let go of his worries.

They ended the day with an evening dinner under a giant lit up tree.

Dean and Rachel have a clear attraction, but Rachel worries that Dean isn’t ready to start a family. Dean is 25, and Rachel is 32.

Dean shared a personal story about his mothers’ battle with cancer and her ultimate death when he was 15. He told her the story in its entirety with a quivering voice and tears in his eyes.

Dean said the idea of being a father excites him, and he can’t wait to have a family.

Once dinner was finished, Rachel gave Dean a rose, and walked him over to a Russell Dickerson concert. They slow danced in front of the crowd, but it seemed like they were the only two there.


I wanted to see who was ready for commitment.

Alex, Anthony, Peter, Brian, Jonathan, Adam, Matt, Kenny Lee, Iggy, Eric, Will, and Josiah get to go on the group date.

Rachel knew the best way to see Hilton Head was by cruising around on a yacht.

She told the guys to feel free to take their shirts off if they got hot. Oh, did they. Next, the guys had a dance off, push-up contest, and a rap battle.

It was like a clash of the alpha males.

They will have to do more than that. Rachel wants someone who has brawn and brains. What better way to test it than with a spelling bee?

For the guys who lost, they had to go to detention. Josiah was The Bachelorette Nation Spelling Bee Champion.


Iggy had a chance to talk to Rachel alone and he decided to use his time by talking about Josiah’s poor intentions. Iggy came back to the common room and told Josiah what happened. In an earlier conversation with Rachel, Iggy spoke about Eric.

Josiah and Eric deemed Iggy as part of the problem.

Meanwhile, Lee was conversing with Rachel about what happened during the cocktail party. Lee played the victim card saying Kenny was aggressive. Rachel couldn’t believe what was being said about Kenny, and had to talk to him herself.

Rachel confronted him, and Kenny explained his side of the story. Kenny claims Lee was dismissive, and wouldn’t give him a chance to talk.

Lee was in the other room pushing Peter and Alex’s buttons.

Lee has clearly been made the villain here and it seems like he did it to himself.

Kenny pulled Lee aside once again. The guys didn’t want to get involved, unless punches are thrown, so they follow them outside.

From what the previews showed, a fight will break out, and it won’t be pretty.

Who do you think is in the wrong, Josiah or Lee?