Beyoncé Had Her Twins!

Beyoncé Had Her Twins!


By Joanne Rosa

The beehive knew before the reporters did!

Matthew Knowles confirmed on Father’s Day via Twitter that Beyoncé gave birth to her twins.

TMZ is reporting that the twins were born on Monday, and they are a boy and a girl. TMZ also reported that Beyoncé and the twins remain in the hospital due to a “minor issue.” As far as sources tell them, Beyoncé is OK, but doctors do not feel comfortable releasing the twins just yet.

The names of the newborn twins are still unknown at this time.

The beehive noticed back in March that Beyoncé was wearing earrings in an Instagram post from her music video, “If I Were a Boy.” Being that Beyoncé rarely has wardrobe repeats, it seemed to be her subtle way of hinting that she was having twin boys.

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On the other hand, there was another beehive theory that the twins would be a boy and a girl, because of Beyoncé’s burgundy bra with pink bows, and baby blue panties, symbolizing a boy and a girl.

We’re thinking 5 year-old Blue is overjoyed to be a big sister.

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Congratulations to Beyoncé and Jay Z.