Fave 5 TV Dads

Fave 5 TV Dads


By Joanne Rosa

Dads, right? They come in all shapes and sizes and are such an important part of our lives. They keep us grounded, lift our spirits, and make life fun during all of the craziness. They’re there to lend a helping hand (especially when something is heavy), and a shoulder to cry on.

Here are our top 5 favorite TV Dads!

Ray Barone from Everybody Love Raymond


Ray is your classic goofy Dad. He might not be the best at everything, but he is a good person. He wants to live a simple life where everyone is one big happy family, but he is often clueless to the problems he creates. Well, in his defense, he doesn’t always create them. His family, including his brother, sister-in-law, Mom, and Dad, are kray kray. Actually, considering what he has to deal with everyday, he’s a great Dad because he chooses humor over anger.

Phillip Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The

Daddy, father, Uncle Phil, Mr. Banks, Judge Banks; Whatever you call him, he isn’t a man to be messed with. He will not tolerate any nonsense and isn’t afraid to give you the business when necessary. Unfortunately for Will, he was usually the one getting yelled at. But, everyone received their fare share of Phillip Banks vengeance. Despite his rough edges, Phillip has a soft side to him too. When it came down to it, he was always there when someone needed a shoulder to cry on. Once in a while, he’d even show his fun side! We all have a Phillip Banks in our lives, but nothing will beat the original.

Danny Tanner from Full House


Danny Tanner is the Dad that does it all. He’ll cook you breakfast, go to work, mow the lawn, take care of helping the kids with homework, tuck everyone in, and make sure the house is spotless (dirt inspections, anyone?). Oh, and don’t forget those life lessons he delivers at the end of every episode. He’s the ultimate Dad-Mom, and that’s no easy task.

George Lopez from George Lopez

ABC's "George Lopez" - File Photos

George Lopez as a TV Dad can make a joke of literally anything, even his sad childhood experiences. Nothing is off limits with this TV Dad. Plus, the fact that his father abandoned him makes him want to be a better Dad and work as a team with his wife to raise their children. He works hard for what he has and will do anything (yes, anything) for his family. Oh, and he is not above calling “ta loco” for your foolish behavior.

Mitchell and Cam from Modern Family

ABC's "Modern Family" - Season Eight

If you had Mitch and Cam as your Dads IRL, you’d have a perfectly balanced upbringing. Or, that’s what you’d think on paper. Mitchell is the educated, timid, serious Dad. Cam is the fun, outdoorsy, handyman Dad. Mitch and Cam end up in their fair share of disagreements, which often lead to them getting themselves into certain situations they’d rather not be in. Remember that time they got lost in the airport? Thanks to Mitch and Cam, Lily is the wittiest child alive. She took the best qualities from each of them and is now the Lily we love and adore.