Look Hot and Stay Cool On the Beach This Summer

Look Hot and Stay Cool On the Beach This Summer


By Joanne Rosa

When beach weather rolls in, there are two things on our mind: Look hot, and keep cool.

Sometimes it feels like you have to choose between comfort and looks, but we know all of the tricks to looking glamorous, and feeling refreshed all day long.



Hats are glamorous, and essential to keeping cool on a beach day! Your only shade on that hot sand is an umbrella, and a hat. It’s no secret that the sun can do major damage to your skin. This glamorous black and white hat from Anthropologie will do everything you need it to do, and keep you looking your best.



If you went somewhere on a summer day without a good pair of shades, is it even worth taking a picture? Definitely not, especially if you have to squint to shield your eyes from the sun! Sunglasses are a must have during the summer, and they are needed even more on the beach. While it’s beautiful to see the sun reflect off of the water, it increases UV exposure, according to the American Cancer Society. These sunglasses from Quay are budget friendly (because you know you’ll lose them before September), and have 100% UV protection.

Cover Up


We usually want to strut it in our swimsuits as much as possible when we get on the beach. Sometimes (or most of the time), you just need a break from sucking in that gut, and standing “just so.” Thank heavens for cover ups. There are so many cute cover ups to sport on the beach, but we recommend this red beach maxi from ASOS. According to Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, the red color provides greater UV protection than other colors. Plus, you will be a sight for sore eyes in that hot red color.

Face Mist


So you’ve been sitting in the sun on the beach since 11am, and you’re waiting for the cool breeze to come by that will give you a nice cool off. The situation is, it’s not always a breezy day on the beach. You could always take a dip in the ocean, but that’s not for everyone. Herbivore Botanicals created a face mist toner that will give you the glow you crave. It’s made with roses and hibiscus, which smells absolutely amazing. Keep the toner in your cooler and use it throughout the day for a nice refresher. Don’t forget sunscreen!

Hydrating Snacks


Even if you’re diligent about drinking water while you’re on the beach, it’s not always enough to give your body what it needs. Watermelon, cucumbers, and strawberries have over 90% water content. The night before you head to the beach, prepare the fruit how you like, and put it in the freezer. In the morning, put the fruit in your cooler, and use as DIY ice pack. By the time it starts to defrost, you’ll be ready to chow down on the deliciousness. A hydrated body makes for a beautiful body (and one that won’t pass out from dehydration).