BACHELORETTE RECAP: Let the Mud Slide Where It May

BACHELORETTE RECAP: Let the Mud Slide Where It May


By Joanne Rosa

Aired: June 5th, 2017

Rachel sent DeMario home last week, but he wasn’t ready to leave.

Out of respect and curiosity, Rachel decided to hear him out.

DeMario admitted he messed up, and didn’t “keep it real.” He wasn’t truthful to Rachel, or to Lexi. He wants to earn Rachel back and he thinks the only way he can do that is by being with her on the show.

Does Rachel give him a second chance?

Hell no!

Rachel didn’t like how he handled the entire situation. She even confessed that if he handled the confrontation better, he could still be in the mansion. But, he didn’t. Rachel wants DeMario to move forward and out of the mansion.

Buh-bye DeMario. As Rachel told you, “let this be a life lesson.”

Rachel sat down with a few more guys after cocktail hour and was rudely interrupted by DeMario’s dramatics. The most notable moment was the Lucas and Blake tension.

Lucas sat down with Rachel and proceeded to tell her that Blake was standing over him while he was trying to sleep, eating a banana, licking a banana, and staring at him. Rachel asked if he was joking, which he claimed he wasn’t.

Rachel was so weirded out that she went to talk to Blake herself. Blake denied the accusations for two reasons: he’s on a “strict” ketogenic diet, and the guys sleep in a shared room. So, Lucas’ story didn’t add up.

Before the ceremony commenced, Rachel said to those who are being sent home tonight, that she simply didn’t feel a connection. Rachel has no time for games and no time for guys who are acting like fools.

Rachel left the final rose for Diggy.

The guys sent home last night:

Blake is convinced Lucas ruined it for the both of them. Outside the mansion, Blake was talking sh** about Lucas to the camera, while Lucas was within earshot. Lucas started yelling about Blake’s job and Blake confronted him. Actually, he had some choice words for him. The two started arguing and it looked like things were about to escalate. Instead, they started mimicking each other and called one another clowns.

Good riddance. Rachel is too good for these boys!

Lights, camera, action. Come join me on the set of “Ellen.”

Bryan, Jonathan, Peter, Alex, Will, and Fred went on the group date.

Rachel went on first, even telling her that she has kissed on the show already. When the guys came on stage, Bryan proudly stated Rachel was a great kisser. Ellen didn’t like that he kissed and told, but there was no time to dwell on that.

Ellen made the men take their shirts off and dance for her audience.

These men… We’re dippin’ and doin’ the most for Rachel. Alex even twerked on a granny. He did apologize on The Bachelorette to whoever that grandma that was.

What better way to get to know the guys in a short segment than by playing a friendly game of “Never Have I Ever”. Fred told the world he dated a woman twice his age, Alex let everyone know he already peed in the pool, and everyone learned exactly which guys kissed Rachel already (Bryan, Peter, and Will).

After the show, Rachel and the guys went to a loft to have some drinks.

Fred is semi freaking out that the other guys are “ahead” of him. When he sat down with Rachel, he explained that he’s been waiting to kiss Rachel for 20 years, and he’s waiting for the right moment. He then proceeded to ask (yes, ask) Rachel if now was a good time.

She was like um, no. Now this is awkward. Who asks, just do it!

So, he did it.

Fred was over the moon with the kiss.

Rachel grabbed the rose and brought Fred back to a different room. She was happy to see him be open and honest about his feelings, but considered it a “disservice” to let him know how she felt. She doesn’t want to keep Fred around when she knows she doesn’t feel the same way he does.

You could literally see Fred’s childhood fantasies break across his face.

Rachel went back to the guys and gave the group date rose to Alex.

Meet me at the rodeo.

Rachel met Anthony with two horses on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood.

Anthony had never been on a horse before, but caught on quickly for Rachel. They stopped in a store to pick up some cowboy boots, and cowboy hats, and then they went on their way–with the horses. They went shopping at another store, and that’s when one of the horses accidentally dropped a deuce in the middle of the shop.

That didn’t put a damper on the date.

Rachel learned why Anthony felt like he was an old soul. He is the oldest of his siblings and cousins, and took them all under his wing. Anthony told Rachel he really liked her. Rachel felt the same way and so the rose was his.

If only everything in life was this simple.

Sometimes in relationships, the women have to take charge.

Brady, Dean, Adam, Kenny, Bryce, Lee, Jack, and Eric went on this date.

Luckily for the guys, Rachel brought Raven, Corrine, Jasmine, and Alexis from last season on The Bachelor to the group date with her. Unlucky for them, the girls planned the group date.

The girls chose mud wrestling as the activity for the day.

You’d think Kenny would have won, but when it came down to it, he came in second. Brady won the champion belt.

When the guys washed off, the girls dished about the unanimous favorite guy: Dean. The one that they were skeptical of: Eric. The skepticism didn’t come from personal experience; it came from two guys (Bryce and Lee) talking to Raven on the way to the saloon. They both agreed he wasn’t there for the right reasons.

At night, Rachel had a good talk with Eric. She had no choice but to bring up what Bryce and Lee said. Eric confronted Bryce and Lee about what was said. He believed Bryce was genuine, but didn’t believe a word out of Lee’s mouth.

These guys have to remember that the only opinion that matters is Rachel’s and she chose to give the rose to Eric.

Right away, Iggy stole Rachel away, and spent his entire time chatting about his spat with Eric. Lee did the same thing. After two guys came up to Rachel in one night about Eric, she had to talk to him and see what was going on.

Eric explained that he was keeping it real and he didn’t question Rachel’s sincerity during this process. She decided to believe him (and let him keep his rose), but warned him that her antennas are up because of what people have said.

Eric rallied everyone to the main room (minus Rachel) and laid it all out there. He was pissed that people kept saying his name. He thinks that if he fails in this process, it should be because of him, not because of what people are saying about him. Eric considered aloud that maybe these guys consider him a threat. Lee interjected, pointing out that everyone is a threat to everyone. Lee thinks Eric needs to stop making the process about him, but Eric said it is becoming about him because his name keeps leaving guys’ mouths.

Next week, we see how Lee begins to get under everyone’s skin.

Do you think Lee is right talking to Rachel about another guy in the house? Is Eric making this process about him?