Katy Perry Joins “Idol” as Judge

Katy Perry Joins “Idol” as Judge


UPDATE: American Idol announced Katy Perry will be a judge on the reboot season in 2018! Katy Perry is “thrilled,” to be a part of Idol.

After American Idol lost Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson to The Voice, Idol had to do something big for the revival season next year!

Sources report that Katy Perry could be the anchor judge for American Idol next season on ABC. Allegedly, Perry is in the final stages of negotiating and ABC plans to announce Perry as the judge on Tuesday.

TMZ’s reports Idol and ABC no longer feel the need to have three big name judges. It’s expected the other two judges will be a songwriter and a music producer. Who ever the other two judges are, they will come much cheaper than Perry.

Although Ryan Seacrest has made no formal statement on Idol, he is still a very likely choice as host.

In the mean time, Katy Perry is busing promoting her new single and #bonappetitchallenge. Her new album, “Witness” drops June 9.

Who else would you like to see as a judge on American Idol?