Wendy Staffers Try Trending Face Masks!

Wendy Staffers Try Trending Face Masks!


By Joanne Rosa

We are pretty trendy here at Wendy and are newly obsessed with Korean facemasks!

Wendy staffers from five different departments set out to give an honest review of these trending facemasks.

Let’s get right into it!

Rich Snail Mask

Yes, you read this right. The Rich Snail Mask by Mother Made contains snail secretion, which we can only assume is that goopy stuff snails leave behind when they move.


While this mask is suitable for all skin types, it claims to be especially effective in lifting sagging skin and hydrating dry skin. Rachel from the Creative Team tried this mask. Oddly, she was very excited to put snail slime on her face. There was some difficulty getting the mask open because of how thin it is. Once she got the mask unwrapped, it was easy to apply. Rachel said it had a “barely there feeling,” with no odor.


When Rachel’s time was up, she pulled the mask off, and massaged it into her face more. Since it was so slimy, Rachel ended up wiping a good amount of the product off of her skin. Rachel observed the most notable result as how soft her skin was. Later on in the day she admitted that she wished she kept the snail mask’s slimy residue on her face, assuming that her skin would have become even softer!


Makeup Base Mask

Unlike the other masks we sampled, this mask’s results are best seen once makeup is put on. Lauren from the Hot Topics Bureau brought her makeup to work so we could test out the results. Makeup Base is great for all skin types. It is supposed to visibly smooth skin and boost the skin’s moisture retention for easy makeup application. This mask is thicker than any other mask we tried. Lauren gave us some Jason from Friday the 13th vibes. Lauren watched the mask change it’s appearance as it stayed on her face. It went from a wet looking cloth, to almost silicone like. Despite that, Lauren pointed out that it was very easy to wear. The mask had no smell, and felt better on her face as time went on.


Lauren took the mask off after 30 minutes and let the remains sink into her skin. Once the product dissipated, she commented that there was not a huge visible difference in her skin, although she said her skin had an “energized” feeling. Lauren applied her everyday makeup and immediately noticed the results when she put on her foundation.

“Everything went on smoothly, and blended into my skin effortlessly!”


Character Face Mask

The character mask is all over Instagrasm for its array of different faces. This was by far the most photogenic of all the masks. It only seemed right to have Suzanne, our co-executive producer try out this mask. This mask might be all over the web, but it had the least amount of information to offer to customers. Like many of the Korean facemasks, The Face Shop’s Character Mask is meant to deliver deep moisture to the skin and is best for dry or flaking skin. It was difficult to fit this mask to Suzanne’s face, so she folded the top part by the forehead to make it a better fit. The directions suggested putting the mask in the fridge for 10 minutes for a cooling effect, just how Wendy likes her face products! Suzanne didn’t particularly enjoy the cold and slimy feeling at first. After a few minutes, she adjusted, and said it actually felt “soothing, invigorating, and feisty!”

Suzanne had the mask on for 15 minutes, and could instantly see a difference in her skin! The mask left her skin feeling plump and looking dewy. Suzanne can agree that this mask is more than just a “pretty face,” and will make you look like that “cat’s meow!”


Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask

This was another Korean facemask with a wacky ingredient—donkey milk! Aqua’s Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask sets out to enrich your skin with vitamins, resulting in a youthful glow. Chris from the Art Department was willing to give this mask a go! The biggest surprise of the Korean mask demo was how good the donkey milk mask smelled. No one believed him, so they put their nose to the test by smelling Chris’ facemask. Everyone was in agreement that the mask smelled good, but they couldn’t quite figure out what it smelled like. Maybe that’s just how donkey milk smells. Anyway, Chris admitted that the mask was so drenched that it kept falling off of his face. So, he just sat back and let it sit for 20 minutes. Chris said the mask felt refreshing while it was on.

Even though the mask was soaked with donkey milk, it didn’t leave an overwhelming amount of residue on Chris’ face. He said his face felt and looked hydrated after he took the mask off.


Coconut Gel Mask with Blueberry

Leader’s Coconut Gel Mask with Blueberry is supposed to hold ten times more moisture than the average cotton sheet mask. This all natural mask is filled with antioxidants that are meant to strengthen your skin and protect it from further damage. Sarah from Production Management has sensitive skin, so this seemed like the best mask for her to sample. As soon as the mask’s package was opened, Sarah could smell the coconut and blueberry. “This smells amazing! I give coconuts and blueberries a 10 on smell alone!”

After Sarah took the mask off, she massaged the excess gel into her skin. Sarah’s skin felt recharged and hydrated and it looked brighter.


We didn’t expect every facemask to be a hit, but the Wendy staffers were in agreement that the masks were an overall success!

Do you know of a popular product you want Wendy’s staff to try out before you do? Let us know in the comments below.