We know Daymond John today from Shark Tank, but do you know how he got his big break?

Daymond started a clothing company, “FUBU,” in his Mom’s house. He hit a turning point when LL Cool J wore his “FUBU” jersey in the “Hey Lover” music video.

Daymond back tracked and contemplated that his big break could have actually been when LL Cool J mentioned “FUBU” in a GAP ad. Daymond changed his mind again, giving credit to the time he stood at a corner on Good Friday, 1989, and sold hats. “I realized I could empower myself… or was it when I went and bought that fabric to [make] the hats?”

“Life is a series of breaks,” Daymond said. “There is no one big break… [you’ll] probably make a whole bunch of little breaks that [get] you to that big break. Always look out for those opportunities that are right in front of your face, every single day.”