When it comes to Rick Ross’ “Big Break” he cannot attribute it to one single point in time. “My big break was a culmination of many, many, many events, and many, many, many years…there were a lot of small steps.” Ross said he put a lot of time and effort into different skill sets like writing, creating mix tapes and just applying his best self anywhere he could.

By the end of 2005, he listened to a track produced by The Runners. In 2005, The Runners were just some young guys out of Orlando and Ross was residing in Miami. They collaborated and called the song, “Every Day I’m Hustlin’.’” In January of 2006, after meeting with numerous labels, he signed with Jay Z and L.A. Reid. Together, they released the remix of “Every Day I’m Hustlin’.’” In May of 2006, Ross released his debut album, “Port of Miami.”

Rick Ross hasn’t stopped hustlin’ ever since. His new album, “Rather You Than Me” is available on iTunes now.