By Joanne Rosa

Things got messier than they originally appeared on part three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The men were preset behind their women (or, ex-women mostly), and Andy jumped right to it.

Andy began with Bob and his abuse toward Shereè in their marriage. Bob admits there are no words to make what he did to Shereè better. He still can’t believe he did what he did. Bob “cherishes” Shereè and added that she’s been an amazing mother to their children. Bob’s words are sincere but Shereè feels that he is just talking and that he doesn’t fully grasp the extent of the situation.

When it came to Kairo, Bob admitted he is “too scared” to talk to him about what happened between him and Shereè. That being said, Bob knows it’s his responsibility to talk to the children. He needs to make sure his son has the restraint he never had and his daughters know it’s not okay to let a man treat a woman this way.

Peter weighed in on the debacle in Maui. Peter was sickened by what he saw. If Bob was Peter’s friend, he warned that he would simply punch him repeatedly. Bob shed some tears hearing what Peter had to say.

Shereè hopes to build a friendship with Bob for the sake of their children. When it comes to furthering their romantic relationship, the ship has sailed.

As for Cynthia and Peter, they communicate through text every so often. When it comes to what went down in Maui, everyone in the room (except Andy) confirmed the two didn’t have sex on the trip. Peter commented that if he can’t have all of her then he wants none of her.

Their divorce cannot be blamed on a single factor. Cynthia got choked up when explaining their downfall. She was scared when they started having issues in their marriage. She admitted that she doesn’t do well in stressful situations and the marriage was too much for her to handle. Peter couldn’t agree more! He went on about how Cynthia is unable to handle stress.

Cynthia has dabbled in dating, but Peter was on a whole other level already. He wasn’t shy in letting the world know he didn’t have sex with Cynthia for a year and now he had a new boo that he likes very much. However, Peter will always love Cynthia.

Porsha’s boo Todd was unable to attend the reunion, which was mind blowing to Peter. He immediately called her out on why he couldn’t make it. Porsha revealed that the two of them are currently on “pause.” As far as the baby-nup goes, Porsha thought at the time there were signs he wanted to move in, but she was ready to have a child in her mind. Phaedra spoke on why she was against the baby-nup and she reminded everyone how much work having children is, and Porsha deserved to have the whole package.

A viewer asked Porsha if she expected everyone to believe she and Todd weren’t having sex until the faithful whipped cream night in her Mom’s house. Porsha said they weren’t and that set Peter off. He walked off set, murmuring that Phaedra and Porsha are full of it.

Shamea joined the reunion to discuss what happened between her and the housewives, specifically Porsha. They used to be BFFs, but the two haven’t spoken since that show aired. Porsha started explaining herself, when Kenya whispered under her breath that it’s not how anyone felt, it’s about what Porsha did. Porsha heard and immediately got ticked off.

Kenya pointed out how her anger management isn’t working and Porsha agreed that it’s definitely not working in this moment. They bickered for a while and Andy eventually simmered them down, but not before Kenya could say Porsha looked like Elvis.

Porsha continued and got right to it. She publicly apologized to Shamea for all of her wrong doings. Shamea instantly forgave her, which had Kandi like, “wait, what?”

Andy moved on to Frick and Frack. Kandi, Kenya, Cynthia, and Shamea are offended by their alliance. No matter what happens they always agree and they always back each other up. This includes letting Porsha take the fall for something Phaedra actually said. Shamea pointed out that a true friend wouldn’t let their girl do that. Phaedra thinks everyone is jealous and the two preached that their friendship is genuine. Shamea warned Porsha to not leave any personal info lying around Phaedra, since she is into fraudulent activity.

It’s time for everyone to lesbe-honest about one of the biggest scandals this season. If you need a refresher, here is the situation:

The rumors of Kandi’s lesbian relationships took flight when Phaedra told Shereè and Porsha that Kandi was sleeping with Shamea. Phaedra’s hand gestures made it clear as to what she meant when she said sleeping together. Porsha never defended her good friend Shamea. Instead she told Shereè and Phaedra that they were close, implying that they do sleep together.

What a mess.

Okay, so, Kandi called Phaedra out on starting the lesbian shit storm, and asked her why she made the crude hand gestures. Phaedra sat in silence. She has nothing to say.

Porsha stepped in and brought up a different incident of when Shamea accused Phaedra of making moves toward her husband. Phaedra decided to speak up and told Shamea to stop saying she hollered at her ex. They argued for a while and it quickly turned ugly. Phaedra said she has no use for an expired cheerleader and Shamea told Phaedra to stop getting her plastic surgery from Groupon.

Getting back to the lesbian accusations, Porsha defended herself by saying she never actually said Kandi was a lesbian. To Kandi, alluding to the fact that she was a lesbian is the same as saying she is. Worst of all, Porsha was speaking negativity about something she allegedly does when she is tipsy. Todd joined the ladies at this point to settle everything once and for all. Phaedra claims she never said that they had a romantic relationship, but they were very close and *gestures hands*. We’re pretty sure Phaedra refuses to actually say having sex, so that her hands can stay clean.

Andy said her gesturing is alluding to the fact that Kandi and Shamea had and/or were having sex.

Todd slid into the conversation starting with the fact that Porsha and Phaedra spew lies. Phaedra told him that this is all through the word on the street.

One thing some people swear isn’t word on the street is Porsha’s move on Kandi. Porsha pretty much admitted to the fact that she kissed Kandi and blamed the entire thing on “beer goggles.” Todd confirmed that there was more than just a kiss between Kandi and Porsha. According to Kandi and Todd, there was also a proposition to Kandi from Porsha. Porsha allegedly asked Todd and Kandi to come back to her room, which Kandi turned down. Porsha said that never happened because she could smell Kandi from across the room.

On a more serious note, Andy wants to know why Porsha thought Kandi and Todd wanted to drug her at a club so they could take advantage of her. Porsha revealed she was served a cease and desist by Kandi on the matter, so she can no longer speak on the subject. Instead, she wants Phaedra to speak for her, since she is the one who told Porsha about it.

The room was shocked to learn Phaedra told Porsha Kandi wanted to drug her and take advantage of her, and Kandi was fuming.

Things just got real and Phaedra is sitting front and center.