Clubbing Essentials

Clubbing Essentials


By Joanne Rosa

A night of partying pretty much goes something like this:

Eat a carb-heavy meal (hopefully)

Take a disco nap

Do your hair and makeup

Get to the club

Dip it and do it

Go to the bathroom and see what a mess you are halfway through the night

Throw your hair up in a ponytail

Smell your B.O. when you lift your arms up to dance

Taste the sugary alcohol on your teeth

Feel the blisters on your feet from your amazing shoes

Go home early because you’re a hot mess

Realize the cash you brought with you fell out of your bra

Eat cheese in bed because there is no money to order food now

Drink a lot of water and hope you don’t wake up with a hangover the next day

A night out is a good time, until it’s not. Wendy is all about having everything you could ever need in your bag. However, who wants to go out lugging around everything you could possibly need?!

We’ve got you covered with a list of clubbing essentials.

A Crossbody Purse


The key to a good purse for a night out is to make sure it’s small, comfortable, and functional. No one wants to hold their stuff in their hands, pockets, or bra all night. That’s just asking for something to be lost or stolen. This mini crossbody purse is perfect for those crazy nights out! It’s slim, but can hold your phone, and has pockets for your cash, credit card, and ID. For the record, we don’t recommend bringing out your entire wallet when you go out to a party! Take the bare minimum with you. This includes some cash, a credit card, ID, and cell phone.

Portable Charger


Speaking of cell phones, how long does yours hold a charge for? After taking pictures all night, trying to call a taxi on apps that use a ton of battery, and maybe dropping it a few times, you’re lucky if you phone doesn’t die! No matter what kind of phone you have, Amazon’s highly rated portable charger caters to all. So whether you need a charge, or your friend does, this slim and lightweight charger is bound to come in handy. You never want to be caught with a dead phone, so don’t be.



You spend all of that time before you leave the house doing your makeup, only to have it fade away throughout the night. There is no way you can fit (or risk) bringing all of your makeup with you. Nars’ The Multiple in the color Orgasm is literally your best friend. This one makeup item has so many uses (, plus the color is universal for almost every skin tone. You’ll be good to go, wherever you end up!

Oil Absorbing Sheets


When it comes to a great night, you can usually expect it to involve perspiration. Just because you’re a hot mess, doesn’t mean you have to look it! Clean & Clear’s oil absorbing sheets will take away all of the mess, without taking away your makeup. Focus especially on the T-Zone if you want to achieve that “highlight” effect (we don’t judge).



We don’t expect you to sacrifice a good shoe for a matter of comfort. We also don’t expect you to sacrifice a good time because of a little pain. Have a great shoe, and a great time by being prepared for those painful blisters. Band-Aid’s blister gel guard will literally save you. Purchase a box and grab two to throw in your bag before you go out. When you feel a blister coming on, you’ll be ready to keep the party going.


perfume samples

We’ve discussed the sweat already. Sweat will not just ruin your makeup and hair, it will also make it certain that no one will want to come near you. Don’t be that girl; be prepared for the stank! The next time you get one of those sample perfume bottles with your purchase, save it for when you go out. It’s so small, there is no excuse to not bring it with you. You’ll be irresistible the entire night!


bubble gum deployed in standard blue packaging isolated

About halfway through the night, you can practically taste the bad breath you have. You’re dehydrated, drinking and eating junk, and the last thing you want is to talk or make out with someone and have your breath reek. It’s disgusting and probably one of the biggest turn offs. You don’t have to waste room with an entire box of gum. Grab two or three pieces (wrapped), and throw them into your purse.

Tell Us: What are some of your must-haves for a night out?