Ryan Reynolds Freaked Out By A Devoted Fan

Ryan Reynolds Freaked Out By A Devoted Fan


Like many newsworthy stories of today, it all started with a tweet.

On March 5th, Ryan Reynolds innocently tweeted a joke toward Hugh Jackman about his visit to Beijing. Out of no where, devoted fan Dustin replied, with a simple promise. If Ryan Reynolds liked his tweet, he’ll get Ryan’s name tattooed on his butt.

Naturally, being the funny guy he is, Ryan liked the tweet. By the end of the month, Dustin followed through with his promise, and got the tattoo.

While news outlets and Ryan Reynolds’ fans everywhere reacted to the tattoo in what looks to be in “comic sans” font, Ryan had nothing to say. Days and weeks passed by with no word from Ryan. Nearly a month later, Ryan finally had something to say.

Dustin’s first reaction to Ryan Reynolds’ feedback on the tattoo was what seems to be pure bliss.

The hype wore off an hour later, and Dustin’s opinion on Ryan’s feedback were, not so blissful.