RHOA RECAP: Tears Have Been Shed

RHOA RECAP: Tears Have Been Shed


Things begin heating up in part two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

Porsha continues to discuss her anger management, as well as her mistreatment within the group. Porsha admits that incidents in the past, such as the boat fight with Cynthia in 2015 and the reunion with Kenya and her pops in 2014, were not handled well. Porsha acknowledged that she shouldn’t have treated Cynthia and Kenya the way that she did, but thinks she was treated poorly too. Kenya said she never got an apology from Porsha. Porsha then played a clip of her apologizing to remind viewers of what really happened. Despite seeing the clip, Kenya continued to say she never got an apology.

Changing gears, Kenya dives into detail about her toxic relationship with Matt. She began by stating the fact that there are plenty of people who have stayed in a relationship longer than they should have. A viewer’s question brought Shereè into the convo. Shereè claims she never condones a man hitting a woman, even if she is provoking him. Kenya just shook her head, and argued that Shereè was making fun of abuse. The two went back and forth, eventually just letting it go because the bickering was going nowhere. Kenya admitted that she was sending the wrong message to young women by staying in the relationship with Matt.

As of right now (as in when the reunion was taped), Phaedra and Apollo are divorced, but Apollo appealed the divorce. It’s odd, since Apollo is supposed to be engaged to Sherien Almufti. Phaedra said she paid him $100k in the settlement said she didn’t share her divorce details with the housewives because she didn’t believe it was their business. She figures the divorce is a family affair, but uttered in the same breath that she shared almost all of the details with Porsha. Porsha spoke up about spilling the beans to everyone about Phaedra’s divorce, but babbled on about it being taken out of context on the show. She claimed it came up organically, in real life. Phaedra forgave all. At the end of the day, Phaedra declared her secretive behaviors as somewhat of a courtesy to the people around her. In other words, if someone asks Phaedra about a topic she doesn’t want to disclose, she answers vaguely, or gives wrong information, rather than saying she doesn’t want to talk about it. That is her courtesy.

Phaedra “submitted” an official document to Andy. It’s in writing that the divorce was finalized on July 12th, 2016. Kenya butted in, that Phaedra purposely spelled names wrong, and that Apollo was never notified. Phaedra wondered how Kenya would know something like that, and accused her of still talking to Apollo. Kenya had no comment, but did say that Phaedra resorted to trickery to get what she wanted. Phaedra cautioned Kenya to stop worrying about her man, and worry about finding her own.

Kandi acknowledged that Mama Joyce went to far when she went to an attorney about Phaedra’s divorce. Phaedra still can’t figure out what she ever did to Mama Joyce and Kandi to make them drag her through the dirt. Kandi said Phaedra has done plenty, including her multiple meetings with Johnnie. Kandi called her out for assuming Johnnie made less than $3 an hour and wondered what kind of math she did to come up with an answer like that. Kandi commented she’s not surprised that Phaedra isn’t winning any cases. Phaedra clapped back, it’s no wonder Kandi has a lawsuit, because she isn’t paying her employees. Kandi believes Phaedra is hyping Johnnie up to make drama. Phaedra was like, “you think you’re that important?” Kandi replied, “Girl hi, yeah I do.” Andy snuffed out the situation, but promised to ignite it again later.

Now, onto the kiddos of the show! Shereè lit up with joy when they replayed Kairo walking down the runway. She blew up Cynthia’s spot by telling everyone Kairo has yet to receive a backpack for modeling. Cynthia quickly diffused the situation by promising he would have one by the end of the night. Shereè also spoke about Kairo’s DUI. Kairo didn’t drink and drive, but he did smoke and drive. Looking back on past seasons of RHOA, Shereè admitted she owed NeNe an apology for talking about her child’s poor decisions. Moving forward, Shereè firmly believes children should always be off limits. They’re only kids!

As for the details of Bob and Shereè’s marriage, we learned that this was something she kept hidden from many, including her own mother. She didn’t want this brought out on the show. Since it was, she shared the information with us. According to Shereè, most of the abuse from Bob was emotional, but there were also physical altercations in their marriage. Bob went as far as saying things like, “The only reason I wished that plane you were on didn’t crash, was because your Mom was on it.” Shereè didn’t talk about what happened in an effort to protect her kids. Like many women, Shereè believed Bob when he said he was better, and the thought of their family being together again was enticing to her. To this day, Shereè has yet to talk to her children about what happened between her and Bob. Shereè is ashamed in many ways because she has the image of being a strong woman. Shereè knows she will have to talk to her children about what happened and urges other women to know their worth, and always love themselves.

Next week, the Atlanta househubbies (and ex-househubbies) drop by!