You MUST Consider These Questions Before Saying “Yes!”

You MUST Consider These Questions Before Saying “Yes!”


When it comes to getting hitched, there really is no question that is off limits. You’re better off finding out before it’s too late, and you have to go through a divorce. You might be thinking, it doesn’t matter because 50% of marriages end in divorce. The thing is, that statistic was made up! Oh yes. It’s not true. Inquisitr learned that when it came time to back up that claim, there were no receipts! The myth was allegedly based off of “the perceived norm,” and was never actually true.

When it comes to tying the knot, you want to know exactly what you’re getting into before you say, “I do.” These are the must ask questions to pose to your partner before you sign on the dotted line.

Is your connection only skin deep?

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OK, so we might be youthful and moisturized now, but just wait until you start packing on nighttime face products that are an inch thick in an effort to hang on to your youthful glow, or the grays start coming through in patches, not strands. You have to be a straight shooter like Wendy with this one. Make sure you keep the flame burning after years of marriage, children, and grandchildren. Remind yourself and your spouse why you fell in love with to begin with. Looks can fade so you want to make sure you’re attracted to more than their great body or thickaliciois hair. If your love runs deeper than the ocean than you’re good.

How do your finances compare?

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It might not be a comfortable conversation to have, but it’s one that must happen. It’s
Important to discuss what you want out of life and the sacrifices you’re willing to make. Money is a major source of conflict in a lot of marriages and it’s best if you set ground rules and expectations about spending early on.
Is your partner OK with living a modest lifestyle while saving for something? What kind of things do you want to save up for? Talk it out, and figure out the changes that must be made to meet your goals. That being said, not every little detail of your finances needs to be shared. Wendy is a firm believer that every woman should have “a bank account that is all yours to save and spend as you see fit.” Remember that!

Do you both believe you have a fulfilling sex life?

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As Wendy says, “sex never goes out of style.” Sex is a significant part of the relationship you have with your partner, so it is a major concern when you or your partner isn’t satisfied with their sex life. See if there are things your partner wants to do, that you two haven’t tried before. If you’re down, then get down to it! If your partner is interested in something you don’t think you’ll ever warm up to, voice that opinion now! If this is something your partner feels he or she must have to satisfy their sexual cravings, maybe there is a happy medium that will leave you both with a happy ending.

How do you picture your family?

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Family is extremely important in relationships. After all, you will probably be creating your own family soon enough… or not. Consider if you and your partner want children. If so, discuss when you would like to have children, and how many. Maybe one person in the relationship wants to have a child by a certain age, while another wants to have a child by the time he or she is at a certain point in their career. What would a plan of action be if you two were not able to conceive as a couple? After children are born, will you still put your spouse before the children? See if there is a compromise that can be made in all of these situations. If a middle ground cannot be found, then the relationship needs to end.

Does the woman want to change her last name?

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Traditionally, the woman in the relationship will take on her husband’s last name. However, it’s 2017! The times have changed, and sometimes that last name doesn’t. Talk to your partner about what will happen with the last name. Aside form taking the husband’s last name, women have been known to hyphenate their last name, keep their last name but hyphenate the child’s last name, and more. Whatever creative formula you come up with, just make sure your partner is cool with it. It would be tragic to hash out something like that before the rehearsal dinner or in the middle of your third

Discuss your worst moment or lowest point in your life and your partner’s life.

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For better, or for worse; this is what you agree to when you promise to spend a lifetime with someone. It doesn’t matter if you are only around when times are good. That’s the easy part of any relationship! This heart-to-heart might feel like pulling teeth, but you should know what happened to your partner, how he or she dealt with the situation, and vise versa. Take note of whether you were around when your partner’s low point occurred. Ask your partner if you could have handled the situation differently. Every event will have a different reaction, but if you know your partner went through a deep depression at some point in time, you will be more inclined to look out for the signs. The more you know, the better!

Where does each of you stand politically?

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You two might feel like you complete each other, but the fact of the matter is that you are two different people, with different points of view. When it comes to political views, do you and your partner mostly agree, disagree, or have a mix of agreements and disagreements? If you two disagree on things, don’t worry just yet. It’s OK to think differently. Actually, it’s a good thing. Both you and your partner can bring a different perspective of things into the relationship. However, the real question is, can you look past these political differences. If you can never look at your partner the same again because he or she believes in something different than you, they might not be “the one.”