Jen and Ben Divorce Details

Jen and Ben Divorce Details


By Joanne Rosa

They’re together, not together, together… NOT TOGETHER!

Jennifer Garner has filed for divorce from Ben Affleck. Jen and Ben have been through a lot together, but they refuse to make the last moments of their marriage hostile.

As far as their three kids are concerned, Jen and Ben want joint legal and physical custody. Let’s hope it stays that way. Custody is usually what makes divorces get nasty.

It was also reported that there was no prenup when Jen and Ben wed, so it will be a clean split of their earnings. Jen will make out pretty well, considering Ben made more than Jen during their marriage. The judge can award spousal support before the divorce becomes final because Jen and Ben left that part of the petition open.

For all of those alleged rumors of their separations, we are still unsure of when that happened. They never listed a date, but TMZ reported back in June 2015 that they were separated. We will put the Hot Topics Bureau on the case!

Reports say the divorce could take as long as six months, because they are still negotiating the details in the financial settlement.

It’s always sad when a couple gets divorced, especially when there are kids involved. As Wendy says, you have to ride the marriage until the wheels come off and divorce is there for a reason.

We were rooting for Jen and Ben to stay together and it seems like they definitely tried to make things work. We wish them the best.