RHOA RECAP: Chateau Sheree’s Housewarming Throwdown

RHOA RECAP: Chateau Sheree’s Housewarming Throwdown


For the housewives, it appears to be a normal day in Atlanta, but the truth always comes out one way or another.

The day Sheree has been dreaming of is approaching fast—too fast. Sheree has waited five years for her home to be built. Now, she’s planning the final details of her housewarming party. This party has been the talk of Atlanta, especially for her neighbor Kenya. The plan is to bring out all of the bells and whistles, as long as everyone on her team does what she says.

There is so much to be done, and time is running out.

Kandi brought Riley to her favorite restaurant in Atlanta, in an attempt to make a long awaited dinner with her father, Block, less painful. Watching this dinner was worse than a root canal.

Block has essentially been an absent father. Kandi confronted Riley about him multiple times, but she never thought much of him.

Being the fair weather father Block is, he hadn’t heard Riley’s song, “Better Late Than Never.” Block asked who wrote the song, and Kandi owned the fact that she wrote it, but explained that she simply wrote what Riley was feeling. Even so, Block is convinced this is a product of Kandi’s resentment towards him, and has nothing to do with Riley.

Riley finally put her cell phone down, and spoke up for herself. She argued that if anyone is brainwashed, it’s Block for thinking he was in her life, and a good father. Block accepted the blame, and pointed out that he is here now to make it right.

The dinner ended with Riley saying she and her father were cool, but the truth was written all over her face. Like mother like daughter!

Meanwhile, Phaedra met up with Johnnie Winston, former assistant of the Kandi Factory, and Oscar Prioleau. Oscar revealed the firm cannot represent Johnnie in his claim against the OLG restaurant. When everything is said and done, Johnnie couldn’t provide the specifics needed to make a case. However, there is a case for Johnnie in respect to his wage while working at Kandi Factory. Johnnie claims he worked overtime every week, and was not compensated for his work. Johnnie allegedly make less than three dollars an hour. The battle against Kandi will get going once a complaint is filed against Kandi Koated Entertainment.

Show us the receipts, Johnnie!

It’s a day before Sheree’s housewarming party and she was walking through her home, pointing out everything that was missing and out of place. Her team looked spooked, like they were waiting for her to find something out. She walked into the kitchen and realized the appliances were not installed, and nowhere in sight. It turns out the appliances were delivered, but they were the wrong ones, so they were sent back.

That’s what happens when you order custom appliances!

Fact: Sheree will not have any kitchen appliances for her housewarming party.

While Kandi was setting out an outfit for Sheree’s housewarming party, she got a call from DonJuan, the GM of Kandi Koated Entertainment. DonJuan explained the complaint to Kandi and Todd, and they thought the whole thing was laughable.

However, what they didn’t think laughable was the fact that rumors were spreading that Phaedra allegedly helped Johnnie handle the details of the lawsuit.

Speaking of Phaedra, we can officially thank her for another cameo appearance of Dwight, the original faux housewife. They will escort each other to Sheree’s housewarming party.

Sheree looks like the Queen of the castle, with a glamorous twist.

Chateau Sheree was debuted to select guests, including OG Atlanta housewives Lisa Wu, and Kim Zolcziak.

There is no denying how beautiful the house is, but it doesn’t take long to get down to the dirty, juicy agenda that each Atlanta housewife has.

Cynthia shared the news of Sherien’s (Apollo’s girlfriend) appearance at the OLG restaurant party. Cynthia doesn’t spill all of the tea, but shared just enough for Porsha to form her own opinions on the matter.

Somehow, Sheree heard about the brewing lawsuit between Kandi and Johnnie. Kandi didn’t say much about it, except that it’s bogus, he doesn’t have money, and that this is what lawyers are for.

Frick and Frack (AKA Porsha and Phaedra) went off on their own so Porsha could dish about what really went down at the OLG restaurant event. Phaedra wasn’t surprised to hear it, and believes Kandi and Todd hit a new low. They’re under the impression that Sherien was invited to the OLG, when the truth is she showed up at Apollo’s request.

Kim walked into Chateau Sheree with husband Kroy. She made a beeline to Sheree’s daughter Kaleigh, to ask where to find her Mom. Despite everything that has happened between Sheree and Kim, it is all water under the bridge now. Sheree was in Kim’s wedding, and there is no more wig pulling in their relationship.

While Sheree and Kim are catching up in the master bedroom, Kenya and Kandi set out to find a bathroom. Well, at least Kandi did. Kenya had other obvious intentions, like finding every flaw there is in Chateau Sheree. The first place they looked was the basement. Really? When has there ever been a guest bathroom in the basement? Low and behold, the basement was not finished. Kandi argued that plenty of people do not have finished basements, and acknowledged that Kenya is just being extra, as per usual.

They didn’t get to explore for long. Sheree’s friend Leilani catches them down there, and sends them upstairs. Sheree is quickly alerted of the intrusion, and demands to know who was down there. Kenya struts in, saying she and Kandi were in the basement, because they didn’t know where they were going. Kim was quick to scold Kenya for her bad behavior in Chateau Sheree.

Sheree is determined to move past the housewarming disturbance and show off her master bedroom. Kenya continues to find every flaw in Chateau Sheree and focuses on everything Sheree has that is allegedly copied from Moore Manor.

Insecurity is radiating off Kenya, to a point where she looks desperate.

Kenya and Sheree begin to bicker, when Kim calls out Kenya for “just being an asshole.”

Kim, we missed your say it like you mean it attitude.

Kim and Kenya begin to exchange words, when Kim decides to point out how inappropriately short the slit is in Kenya’s dress. From that point on, the insults got nastier with every exchange. Kenya basically said Kim looks like an old mother. Kim said if she stopped talking sh*t, God might actually bless her with children. Kenya said Kim should worry about the fact her husband Kroy doesn’t have a job (he played 8 years in the NFL). Kim said Kenya wants her life (children, a man) and she can’t get any of it. Kim told Kenya to leave, and all Kenya could say is that Kim has duck lips.

Kenya, take several seats. Kim won this battle hands down, and you are in the wrong here.

Some time later, Kandi happened to find Phaedra all by herself, away from the crowd. Kandi made sure that Phaedra knew she had no part in inviting Apollo’s new girl to the OLG opening.

Maybe Kandi was hoping her honesty would encourage the same in Phaedra. Kandi asked Phaedra if she was the one giving Johnnie advice about suing her. Phaedra simply responded saying that as an attorney, she “cannot speak on that.” All she could say is that she isn’t his attorney and that she legally cannot reveal any details.

Kandi gave Phaedra the side eye, and said that the situation is what it is. One thing Kandi and Phaedra both agreed upon, is that there is no friendship between them.

The Aftermath

Phaedra is not representing Johnnie, but has her own legal woes. A judge sided with Apollo and threw out their divorce settlement… even though he’s technically still “engaged.”

The OLG restaurant finally opened… almost a year behind schedule. Kandi continues to rake in the coins with a songwriting credit on Ed Sheeran’s hit single “Shape of You.”

Cynthia welcomed her 50th birthday with a photo in her birthday suit. She and Peter have started dating again… just not each other.

Porsha’s Palace” remains a home for one. She just launched a detox cleanse called “The Dump.” No word yet on whether Todd is about to park at the “Palace” or get “The Dump.”

After her turmoil with Matt, Kenya is producing a PSA about domestic violence. There are clues on social media about a new mystery man in her life. No word if she’s left her cougar days behind.

Sheree insists that she now lives at Chateau Sheree… despite rumors that she does not. Her novel is now for sale and she is gathering bones for the next sequel.