RHOA Recap: Upgrades

RHOA Recap: Upgrades


Todd and Kandi have no idea when the OLG restaurant will open to the public. It is far from finished. OLG still needs licenses, approvals, and final touches inside the restaurant. This has been Todd’s baby for the past 8 months, and he’s made some executive decisions without Kandi. While Kandi respects what Todd is trying to do, she is praying he actually knows what he’s doing.

Chateau Sheree is still under reno, but that didn’t stop Kenya from dropping by. Kenya and Sheree stood in the driveway and chatted about Kenya’s breakup with Matt. Kenya still loves Matt (especially the sex), but he continues to show parts of himself that she doesn’t like. Sheree said Chateau Sheree would be ready in just a few days, despite the massive construction going on in front of them. Even so, Sheree refuses to let anyone see the inside of the house until it is absolutely perfect.

At least now Sheree can have a sleepover at Kenya’s and still watch over the renovations. NBF for the win!

While Todd and Peter were driving around, Apollo called to say hey, and see what was new. Todd told him about the restaurant, and said he wished Apollo could be there. Apollo wished the same, but promised that his “new lady” would be at the opening of OLG restaurant to represent him in his absence.


We can’t wait to see this woman.

Apollo asked if Todd and Peter had seen his kids. They said they don’t see them around often. Apollo said that the divorce has been really nasty, and the last time he spoke to Phaedra, she said everything was put on hold. Later on, Apollo was served divorce papers out of left field.

Peter believes Phaedra is a straight up con artist.

Well, she got the name Phony Phaedra from somewhere…

Cynthia commended Noelle for her great work at the fashion show. She definitely killed it, but Cynthia was trying to soften the blow of telling Noelle her divorce with Peter is final. Cynthia believes she and Peter will be ok in public settings together, as long as he acts normal. If he starts acting some type of way, then she will too. Noelle asked Cynthia how Peter felt, and she couldn’t give her an honest answer.

Peter (AKA the alternative housewife) did give the cameras an honest answer.

The show used Peter’s childhood home as a metaphor for their marriage. They brought Peter to the house, and let him admire it from the outside. There were so many good memories in the house, and he thought he would live there a long time. Peter asked his driver to leave the block, and said he won’t be visiting this block ever again.

The old man knows how to be corny for the camera.

Todd and Kandi’s OLG event for friends and family is tomorrow, and there is still a lot of work to be done. Kandi is ready to cancel the event, but Todd thinks 24 hours is enough to pull it all together. Tensions are high, and Todd is $100,000 over budget. Kandi is worried about the negativity the housewives could put out about their restaurant.

In her mind, anything less than perfection will doom the restaurant’s reputation, and her own.

Sheree is more than ready to move out of her condo. She and the kids have lived there for four years, after Bob essentially kicked them out of their family home by not paying the mortgage. Sheree thought she and the kids would be ripping each other’s hair out after a year, but condo living actually brought them closer together.

That being said, they are all ready to GTFO of that condo and into Chateau Sheree.

Porsha decided to not throw a big party for Phaedra’s birthday. Instead, she is welcoming her into the single life by giving her the opportunity to change her look. She has wigs, gowns, good food and booze.

Phaedra arrived at Porsha’s place, and had the complete opposite reaction of what she had at Kenya’s divorce party for her. Phaedra trusted that Porsha’s intentions were coming from a good place, and that it was celebrating her as a person, rather than the breakup of a marriage. In celebration of herself, Phaedra tried on a dark, loose wave, LOB wig, and looked extra fine. Porsha gave her a dress to add to the look, and Phaedra gave us serious Cookie from Empire vibes.

We think she’ll do just fine out in the single scene.

Phaedra asked Porsha is she was invited to Kandi’s restaurant event, which she of course was not. Phaedra was invited, but claims she wanted to be around people that cared about her. She admitted that her relationship with Kandi is essentially non-existent, so she didn’t think it would be right to attend.

We learn later on, it’s a damn good thing Phaedra didn’t show up to the OLG.

Somehow, someway, Todd got the OLG restaurant together in time for the event. It looks pretty damn good. It’s chic, with some southern charm, family pictures on all of the walls, and the menu looked mouthwatering delicious.

Well done Todd. Who would have thought you’d be in this position with Kandi and her fam just a few years ago?!

Everyone is having a great time, and enjoying the atmosphere, food, and company. Cynthia took notice of Peter’s cold shoulder, but shook it off. What’s a girl to do? Cynthia is not the housewife to cause a scene over something like that. Luckily, Todd spoke up and gave Peter a hard time.

Out of nowhere, in walks Sherien, Apollo’s side piece. Todd, simply referred to her as trouble. Sherien told Todd she and Apollo found love. Todd has no other choice but to introduce her to the Atlanta housewives. Sherien seems excited to represent Apollo, and is kind of acting like she is about to be initiated into the housewives circle.

Kandi’s face during the introduction said otherwise.

Sherien, take several seats. Remember, you want these women on your side, and not as enemies. The only thing worse than housewives arguing with housewives, is all the housewives gaining up on a side chick.

For the record, we’d still watch.

To make the situation even more dramatic, Apollo called Sherien to extend more love to Kandi and Todd (or maybe he just wanted more screen time). Todd lets Apollo know Kandi had 50 shades of facial expressions ever since Sherien walked through the door. Kandi kept it real, and told Apollo that having Sherien here is putting her in an awkward position. She is convinced Phaedra will somehow turn this all around on her. Apollo made it clear that he couldn’t care less about Kandi and Phaedra’s relationship. He only cares about Sherien, and “the paperwork is in; [Phaedra and I] are getting a divorce.”

Wait, what?

Phaedra announced the divorce is final. According to Apollo this isn’t so. They are allegedly in litigation.

Will we ever get a straight story from these two?