By Joanne Rosa

If there is one pet peeve makeup artists have, it’s when makeup is done incorrectly. It makes them want to pull out their makeup bag on the street, sit your booty down, and fix yo’ face! Wendy’s makeup artist Merrell Hollis has a few choice words to say about makeup sins, but he spared us, and said this instead, “Makeup is a dance, and should blend effortlessly.”

There are tons of beauty trends these days, and people are taking them to the extreme.

Stop the makeup madness!

Merrell points out the biggest offenders with intern Aaliyah.

Extreme Highlighter


Before Merrell began this beauty no no, he said, “I’m feeling a bit nauseous trying to do this… how do people think this is a good look?!” Seriously though, there is no need for this much reflection, and you don’t need to put it everywhere. It will make you look like an oily, mystical creature. Less is more here.

Alternatively, lightly dust your cheekbones with Nars Miss Liberty highlighter. Merrell applied it with the Sigma Spotlight Duster F37.

This will be just enough highlighter to catch the light. All you want to do is enhance your glow from within.

Heavy Lashes


Ladies (and gents), those mink lashes shouldn’t actually look like there is a mink sitting on your lashes! Merrell warns that “when you wear false lashes that are too heavy or dense, you lose the flattering shape of your eyes. They can also make your eyes look too close together or crossed.”

Aaliyah was not happy with this look, and it irritated her eyes! We didn’t keep her like this for long.

Merrell corrected the look by applying a long, and natural looking lash. Merrell applied the glue to lashes and allowed the glue to dry a bit before application.

The glue should have a tacky consistency so it doesn’t get in your eyes, or make a mess on your lids. Aaliyah closed her eyes, and Merrell placed the false lashes as close to the lash line as possible.

He finished the look by applying a thin liquid liner to the upper lash line, and smoking out the bottom lash line with neutral browns.

Thick Brows


Have you ever heard of the phrase sharpie brows? If you haven’t, it could be that people are just afraid to say it to your face. Harsh, and overdrawn eyebrows are perhaps the worst makeup offense out there. Merrell explained, “demarcation makes makeup look unnatural.” You don’t want your brows to look extreme.

Instead, use the Lancôme Sourcils Definis with short strokes to fill in the edges of your brows. The outer brow should be darker than the inner brow.

For the inner brow, use a color that matches your natural brow color. The brow should not go farther than your nostril. Once this is done, use a brush to smooth the brows out, and seal with the Lancôme Sourcils Styler. As the finishing touch, use a matte powder slightly darker than your skin tone, and blend the inner brow down the side of your nose.

Then, your natural brow look is complete!

Have a makeup question for Merrell? Leave them in the comments below and he may answer your question in an upcoming video!