By Joanne Rosa

Life is seriously stressful. From work, to bills, to friend or family drama, there is always something that gets in the way of our happiness. Daylight Saving Time is back, and before you know it, the snow from that blizzard will be all melted away (eventually).

This year, we want happy to happen for you!

Here is a list of ways to reduce all of life’s pressures.

Eat These Foods

This might be the easiest way to get on the happy track. These foods are proven to reduce stress. You’ll be glad you indulged; just don’t over eat.

– Oatmeal

Homemade Healthy Steel Cut Oatmeal

Start your day off with this feel good breakfast food! EatingWell reported oatmeal releases the brain chemical serotonin, which will instantly put you in a better mood. Other healthy carbs, such as quinoa, will do the trick as well.

– Ashwagandha

Indian ginseng

What in the Teresa Giudice is Ashwagandha?! Ashwagandha is a super root found throughout Africa, Asia, and southeastern Europe. The Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine found that when taken twice a day for at least two months, the stress hormone cortisol was lowered. Bonus: this also helps make your tummy flatter.

– Chocolate

Young woman eating piece of chocolate.

Your prayers have been answered! EatingWell reported that eating just a small square (1.4oz) of dark chocolate a day will help you keep your cool. If you are known to be overly anxious, this trick could be especially helpful for you.

Exercise a Little

Young black woman sitting on the floor at home stretching

It’s pretty much a known fact that exercise will not only improve our health, but also our mood. Yet, many of us opt to sit around at home and watch TV. Why not do both?! According to the Journal of Health Psychology, exercise can improve people’s feelings about their body, even if there were no noticeable improvements. So do some crunches, planks, or these workouts the next time Wendy goes to commercial break. Don’t pay attention to the scale. It’s all about how you feel at the end of the day!

Plan a Getaway

couple planning honeymoon

Do you ever go on vacation, and feel like it didn’t meet your expectations? That’s because the best part about a trip, is planning it! According the Journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, you feel happiest right after you plan a trip. The anticipation of the trip is what makes us happiest! Check out our Spring vacay picks, and start planning!

Get Your Green Thumb On

Nephrolepis exaltata 'Bostoniensis' (Sword fern) in white plant pot, on coffee table

So, you don’t actually have to get on your hands and knees and plant outside for this one. We recommend keeping plants inside your home or office. Psychology Today reports that plants in your space are proven to lower blood pressure, lower anxiety, raise productivity, and improve overall wellbeing. The plants used most often for these results include the Chinese evergreen, golden pothos, and arrowhead vine.

Try Being Artsy

Adult Coloring Books

You don’t have to be an artist to get the benefits of creating art! Researchers at Drexel University found that those creating art for 45 minutes saw a drop in stress. Adult coloring books are all the rage! We can speak from experience that coloring relieves stress. We have a coloring poster in our office that everyone visits when they need a mental break. The poster still needs some work, but everyone leaves a little happier!