By Joanne Rosa

The Maui nightmare getaway continues!

Kandi carries on her fit of rage because of Porsha’s lies. Phaedra doesn’t think this is a serious situation, but Sheree, Kenya, and Cynthia aren’t so convinced. Cynthia leaves the table, and everyone soon follows after her. The group signed up for a paradise getaway, not another battle of the housewives.

The next day, Kandi called Phaedra, and lets her know she decided it would be best if Porsha didn’t come along with the group. Kandi is relieved, and ready to go. Phaedra tells Porsha she’s not invited to hang out with everyone today. Porsha isn’t fazed by the update. She decides to get a couples massage on the beach with her boyfriend Todd, because his birthday was an epic fail the night before.

Kandi warned the group to wear something they wouldn’t mind getting wet, but apparently not everyone took her seriously… we’re looking at you, Cynthia.

The group takes two separate cars to the speed boating dock. In the car, Phaedra explained to Kenya, Sheree, and Bob that Porsha isn’t coming. Kenya cannot believe the lies Porsha is preaching, while Phaedra defends her. To Phaedra, Porsha is innocent until proven guilty.

Bob made some comments about his previous relationship with Sheree that were completely out of line. Bob said, “after we split, we went on a trip to Las Vegas and I was driving and she fell asleep and I was like, ‘It would be easy for me to take the seat belt off of [Sheree] and hit the brakes so she can fly her ass through the roof.’”

This car ride just got awkward.

Bob asked Sheree if he’s ever hit her. Sheree shot him a look that said, are you for real right now Bob? He asked again, and said maybe he’s forgotten. She said, yes you did. His response was, “could you still breathe?” Kenya immediately interjects and tells Bob he’s not funny. Bob said that he doesn’t remember and he’s sorry, because maybe he didn’t choke Sheree hard enough.

Yes, he really just said that on national television. What is wrong with him?!

The car fell silent, and Sheree started sobbing. Kenya jumped in to console her, while Phaedra profusely hinted for Bob to apologize.

His apology was less than impressive.

Sheree put on a happy face for the sake of the group while they went on the speedboat, but she was not enjoying herself.

The group then wandered down to a restaurant to relax, and replenish. Latecomers Peter and Cynthia looked awfully refreshed and rejuvenated when they finally arrived at the restaurant. When the table asked where they went, Cynthia said she had to buy new clothes since hers got soaked, and she and Peter were just catching up.

Girl, saying that you two were catching up is like a couple of teenagers saying that they just watched Netflix and chilled when they hung out. Mmmmhm.

Just when the group started laughing about the Porsha and Kandi drama, Phaedra came in like Jesus on Easter morning, preaching that the ladies should have a restoration service. Kenya continues the jokes, as she dabs crocodile tears with her napkin, because Porsha wasn’t able to join in on the day’s fun. The ladies reluctantly comply with Phaedra’s request. The only person that believes this will work is Phaedra.

While the ladies prep themselves for their restoration, the guys are down at the bar. While Peter let on that what he had with Cynthia was special and unique, Bob made it known that his relationship with Sheree is an uphill battle on ice skates. He owned up to the fact that he messed up, and that he really did hurt Sheree in the past.

According to Phaedra, restoration is returning someone to their original state, or better than what they were. Let’s hope that everyone’s dirty little secrets come out.

Sheree is the first to open up, and brings up an incident that happened between her and Kenya. Domestic violence is a serious and sensitive subject. The bickering between Sheree and Kenya went on for quite a while, but the end result was that they both wanted domestic violence to be taken seriously. It was a miscommunication and a misunderstanding from both sides.

Next, Porsha speaks up saying that last night was just plain ugly. Porsha starts going on about how her truth is making Kandi upset. Kandi sets the record straight, saying that she doesn’t care about Porsha anymore, and that she has been there for Porsha as a supporter, promoter, and producer. Kandi cannot believe that it took one thing for Porsha to start making things up about her. It’s understood that they will not be making amends anytime soon.

Porsha spoke up one one last time to announce Phaedra deserves an apology from Kandi. Kandi once implied Phaedra cheated on her ex-husband, Apollo, while they were still married. Kandi was quick to correct Porsha’s statement, saying that she said Phaedra was talking to guys before her ex-hubby went to jail, and there was no accusation of actual cheating. Phaedra said she was only talking to a guy, and that this conversation is a complete waste of her time.

Wait, did Phaedra finally admit she was talking to someone before her ex-hubby went to jail?!

Kandi did apologize for accusing Phaedra of calling the feds on her and Todd.

The restoration service came to a close, and was a complete waste of looking cute. Essentially nothing got accomplished.

Bob asks Sheree to meet him at a local Maui jeweler. Bob wants to prove to Sheree that he’s working a little harder, so he tries to win her over with diamonds.

It’s gonna take a lot more than some sparkling rocks to get back on Sheree’s good side after what you pulled yesterday.

Sheree tried to explain the seriousness of what happened in the past, and what happened yesterday, and Bob starts chuckling. Sheree stormed out of the jeweler, embarrassed that she even considered giving him a second chance. Bob continued laughing after Sheree left.

Whether Bob’s joking is a coping mechanism or not, this is not what Sheree had in mind when getting back together with Bob.

We can all respect Sheree’s strong character as a woman. At the end of the day, it’s just you against the world.

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