By Joanne Rosa

For some reason, no one looks twice when a man is dating a younger woman. But, when a woman is dating a younger guy, they get the side eye. It’s 2017 and we’re slightly confused why women don’t get a pass when it comes to hooking up with a boy toy.

Wendy was hesitant to start dating a younger man at first, and ended up marrying him! Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore and Mariah Carey are just a few celebs who don’t discriminate when it comes to age.

There are plenty of reasons to date a younger man!

Here are the top 5 reasons it’s worth your while.

He’s Sexually Pleasing


The most obvious reason to be with a younger man is because of his skills in bed. He’ll have better stamina than a man your age, or older. He’s definitely hotter than older men, which helps you get off when it’s time to get down and dirty. Plus, if he does lack in the experience department, he’ll probably do whatever you say, and remember it forever. A woman of your caliber clearly knows more than he does when it comes to bedroom proficiency. Best of all, you two will bring a whole new meaning to the term ecstasy. According to research, women reach their sexual peak at a later age then men. With his stamina, and your expertise, you might never get out of bed.

You Are a First Class Lady to Him

Woman with laptop

You have the whole package, and you know it. Younger women can lack confidence and become clingy and annoying. Add a few years to that self-conscious girl, and she becomes a poised, independent lady. You’re most likely already established in your career, which makes you wise. Pretty much, you are everything a man desires. You’re a fantasy to him. Who doesn’t want to be wanted?!

He’s a Dreamer

When life smiles at you, smile back

We’re not talking about how dreamy those young bright eyes are. Let’s face it; with age we become a little jaded. We are more likely to make practical and logical decisions because of the lessons we learned during our younger, more naïve years. It’s refreshing to have someone in your life that isn’t cynical all the time. He has visions for what he wants his life to be, and is generally more positive than his future older-self. He’s not broken yet; just don’t break him. You could use some sunshine in your life.

He’s Totally Hot

Bare chested musician standing with arm raised before crowd

Of course we already mentioned the sheer hotness of a younger man, but this needs a whole separate bracket. More often than not, younger men are more physically fit when they are younger. His eyes are brighter, his skin is softer, and his butt is just high enough to turn you on. We can’t guarantee that he dresses well, because young men these days either care a lot about how they look, or they don’t care at all. Luckily, there are so many different ways you can help style your man! Rugged. All-American. Empire-esque. Bookworm. Raver. Southern charmer. Modern prep. Artsy. The choice is yours and they’re all hot.

He’ll Work for You

Waiter serving woman drinks outdoors

Technically, he could probably work under you as your employee. That could be kind of hot—we digress! What we are trying to say is, he’s lucky to have you, and he’s in awe of you. Younger guys will try their best to impress you, because being rejected by an older woman would damage their super sensitive ego. Men! The fact that he’s with you is a major ego boost. He wants the bragging rights for as long as he can have them. Plus, a true gentleman is taught to respect their elders. So… there’s that.

Naturally, there are some drawbacks to dating a younger man…

When it comes to dating younger guys, Wendy’s the first to tell you to proceed with caution. At some point, you may find you’ve run out of things to talk about. If the conversations aren’t flowing, and you’re looking for more than just a snack, it’s probably best to end it. There is also the chance that he ends up making you feel old. Between his youthful disposition, his friends, and social life, it might not be something that can work out long term.

Unfortunately for women of a certain age, it’s difficult to conceive children, and usually comes with many risks. Have a conversation with him about children, and see if it is something that can be worked out.

Overall, the reasons for dating a younger man in every respect out weigh the reasons to not date one. Anything a man can do, women can do better, and this proves it. Do you, girl!