By Joanne Rosa

You think the Atlanta ladies would learn to stop going on trips. They’re always filled with drama! As long as they keep providing the entertainment, we’ll watch with a snack!

Kandi and Porsha met up with their respective cliques to spill the tea about what went down the last time they got together.

Porsha rolled up to her sister Lauren’s place, and got right to it. She explained all of the accusations that went down when she met up with Kandi. Porsha said that she had it coming, because Kandi was talking about her. Lauren is alarmed by the seriousness of the situation.

Kandi invited Cynthia, Sheree, Kenya, and Shamea to her crib. Kandi knows that Shamea is loyal to Porsha, but knows she has to tell her Porsha is talking behind her back. Kandi throws it all on the table; all of the lesbian accusations; Porsha hitting on her in the club; the alleged sex dungeon; Kandi and Todd allegedly trying to drug Porsha and Shamea in the club one night. It’s all out in the open now. Shamea confirmed Kandi never tried to drug her or hit on her. The housewives are thrown, and pretty much convinced Porsha replaced her anger with compulsive lying.

Phaedra met up with Pastor William and gospel singer Tasha of the dReam Center (Phaedra’s church) to talk through the struggles of her public divorce. She said they guided her through the divorce, and was rewarded for her effort. Phaedra wants her lady friends to also feel happy with their lives, and discusses having a restoration service. She probably should have been praying the gossip away.

Kandi takes a break from the drama and does a walk through of her and Todd’s restaurant, Old Lady Gang (LINK: http://oldladygang.com). The restaurant is really coming together, and so is Todd! This power couple is always doing something, so they decide to take a getaway trip for a few days to Maui. It grows from the two of them, to a giant group getaway with all of their friends, potentially including Cynthia’s ex-husband Pete, Phaedra, and Porsha.

Start getting the popcorn ready now.

Kenya gets some TLC from her little brother Ronnie, and her nieces Anahla and London. Kenya tells her brother about her relationship with Matt, and all of the dramatics that come with it. During dinner, Kenya became somewhat envious of what her brother has with his own family. While she is currently taking a break from Matt, she contemplates if she is completely wasting her time with Matt.

Maybe Kenya should consider adoption. You don’t need a man to get what you want, girl!

Kandi goes to lunch with Phaedra and Cynthia, and order a round of drinks. It’s been a while since Kandi has hung out with Phaedra in such a small group. Kandi discusses the trip to Maui, and explains who she wants to come. Cynthia doesn’t think it will be a big deal if Peter comes. Phaedra brought up the fact that Peter doesn’t like him, and she doesn’t have a good relationship with Kandi’s husband Todd. Kandi also clarifies that she will not be inviting Porsha, but gave Phaedra the option of a plus one. We all know who tweedle-dee is gonna bring.

Sheree met up with her ex-husband Bob to build their muscles and their relationship. They want to take their relationship to the next level. Sheree will use Maui as a test for Bob, but won’t share a room with him.

Not there yet, Bob.

Unlike fit and fab Sheree, Porsha and Phaedra decide to get beach body ready by going to the sauna, and getting laser treatment. During their session, Phaedra convinces Porsha to go on the trip. Porsha is hoping she can keep her composure.

Do you have that extra buttered popcorn ready?

Aloha! The journey begins with everyone making their own way down to Maui, so no one has to wait on anyone else. They get to the hotel, and unwind for a while. It’s dinnertime in Maui, but it’s time to turn up in Atlanta.

Beware of erupting cat fights!

This paradise dinner is seriously awkward, so the bone digger Sheree brings up the lesbian accusations between Kandi and Porsha. She calls out Porsha for saying slanderous things about Kandi. Porsha came back saying that she did not lie. Kandi spoke to the group, and said that Porsha is a liar, and lies to cover up her lies. Kandi has the receipts!

She handed out printed screenshots of texts between her and Porsha from the night they were in the club together and Porsha hit on her. Porsha said in her text that she had fun at Queens (the club), but she will not rape her on camera. In the text conversation, Kandi replied saying she will act like she doesn’t know Porsha if she starts saying anything crazy on camera. Porsha reassures Kandi via text that Queens is like Las Vegas. Whatever happens in Queens, stays in Queens. Porsha sat at the table in Maui and denied everything. She even went as far as saying that Kandi’s hubby Todd is a fraud, referring back to the alleged “Marvin” scenario in NYC.

Do not speak ill of a woman’s husband. We guarantee it won’t go well.

Kandi brought out the drug comment Porsha made, alluding that she is really crossing the line. Porsha tries to defend herself, but OG Sheree steps in and tells Porsha to leave that alone. That is a serious claim, and she better have some receipts to back it up if it is true. The more the topic was brought up, the more Kandi’s blood boiled.

Next week, we will see Kandi and Porsha’s blow up.

What is Porsha’s end goal here? Porsha has nothing to lose, and Kandi has everything to lose. Maybe that’s the real issue.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.