6 Facts You Ought to Know About Oscar Host Jimmy Kimmel

6 Facts You Ought to Know About Oscar Host Jimmy Kimmel


Jimmy Kimmel has been captivating us as the late night host on Jimmy Kimmel Live for the past 13 years. Kimmel was not always that funny guy we see every night on ABC.

He used to be a dorky clarinet player in Vegas, pining over David Letterman, and wondering why he couldn’t get any girls.

Look how great life turned out, Jimmy! Good things come to those who wait.

Here are 6 things we love about the Oscar host!

David Letterman is His Idol

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season Ten

Of course, we all respect the legendary David Letterman. Except, Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy takes it to a whole other level.

From a young age, Jimmy practically worshipped the ground David Letterman walked on. The license plate of Jimmy’s first car read, “ L8 NITE” to honor Dave’s existence. On Jimmy’s 18th birthday, his birthday cake was a replica of his Late Night license plate. On the day of Letterman’s final show, Jimmy aired a rerun of Jimmy Kimmel Live out of respect. Well, that, and the fact that he will “probably be crying all day, which makes it hard to work,” Jimmy told the New York Times.

Watch Jimmy’s moving monologue saying goodbye to Late Night with David Letterman.

He is Narcoleptic


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It’s true; Jimmy Kimmel’s doctor said he has narcolepsy.

Jimmy works 70 hours a week, and says he is always very close to sleep. We can’t blame him. He used to self medicate with obscene amounts of iced tea to stay awake. When he told his doctor, he prescribed Provigil to Jimmy to help his symptoms.

Longtime ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman disagrees. She said on Watch What Happens Live, “I personally don’t think Jimmy was ever narcoleptic.” Jimmy once told Sarah that he always falls asleep at three o’clock, and Sarah’s response was, “Yeah, everybody does. It’s an hour and a half after lunch.”

Jimmy wrote in an essay to Esquire that he hopes to one day be the public face of narcolepsy.

Born in Brooklyn, Raised in Vegas

Jimmy Kimmel Receives Honorary Degree From UNLV

Jimmy Kimmel was born in Brooklyn on November 13th, 1967. By the time he was 9, they decided to move practically across the country to Las Vegas.

Jimmy grew up in Vegas, where he made his childhood friends, learned how to drive, and allegedly never picked up any girls. He graduated from Clark High School, where they named a technology wing after him as a thank you for his generous donation. Jimmy also received an honorary doctorate from UNLV in 2013.

His BFF is the Band Leader on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season Ten

Thanks to the big move to Las Vegas, Jimmy Kimmel was able to meet his best friend, Cleto Escobedo.

This one time at band camp (OK, not actually at band camp, but definitely in band), the young, nerdy, clarinet-playing Jimmy met the cool, suave, saxophone playing kid named Cleto. No matter where their paths took them, they stayed in touch, and close pals. Cleto became a professional musician, touring with Paula Abdul, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and eventually, landing the gig as the bandleader on Jimmy Kimmel Live. One day, Jimmy thought to himself, “I have a talk show. Cleto has to be my band leader,” he told ABC.

Jimmy and Cleto have now been on the small screen together for over twelve years.

Married Wife Molly McNeary in 2013

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There’s nothing like a good love story. This one starts with boss, Jimmy, and employee, Molly.

Molly admitted to Glamour that she “never once thought of him or looked at him in that way… it never occurred to me.” At one of the writers’ meetings, Jimmy asked everyone what their favorite food was. Molly listed five foods. One day, Jimmy invited Molly to his home, and he cooked her all of her favorite foods. That pretty much sealed the deal. They officially started dating in 2009, and got married in 2013.

Molly and Jimmy are still happily married, and have exciting news!

He Has 3 Kids, and Another on the Way

Jimmy said on his show, as a teenage boy, he never thought he’d host the Oscars, or have sex, but dreams do come true.

Jimmy has two children, Kevin and Katherine, from his first wife Gina Maddy. Kevin and Katherine are in their 20’s, and are turning out to be just as creative as their Dad! Kevin’s Twitter shows us he has his Dad’s humor, and daughter Katherine is artsy just like her Dad.

Jimmy and second wife Molly had their first child, Jane, together in July 2014. Jane is still too young to understand the severity of Dad eating all of her Halloween candy, but maybe she will by the time she’s a big sister!

Jimmy and Molly are expecting their second child and plan to have the gender be a surprise. “We asked the technician not to tell us whether it’s a boy or a girl. Our plan is to let the child decide for itself,” Jimmy said on his show.

The 89th Annual Academy Awards with host Jimmy Kimmel airs tonight at 7e|4p on ABC.