By Joanne Rosa

The glamping trip is finally over (thank the lawd), and it’s time for everyone to go back to the ATL.


Kandi decided to go home in a private car, instead of taking the bus ride back with the girls. We respect Kandi for removing herself from the situation. The ladies on the bus lightheartedly hash out the lesbian situation from dinner the night before. Sheree wants Phaedra to admit that she had a role in discussing Kandi’s lesbian relationship. It was mentioned that Phaedra started sweating last night when the topic was brought up. Phaedra claimed she started sweating because the dinner was just plain “crazy.” What’s crazy is that Miss Shady Lady Phaedra can keep this act up!


Before Porsha could take her seat on the bus, Kenya asked “How do you feel about getting your head blown off last night?” Porsha giggled, “Oh yeah, about that… When Sheree said closet, I thought about it and was like, ‘I have said the word closet to Sheree.’ Now I probably said this, but I was too far in with, ‘let’s find out who it is!’” If there is any consistency with Porsha’s stories, it’s that playing dumb is her scapegoat.


Meanwhile, Kandi gets home and tells her version of the glamping excursion to hubby Todd, and friends Carmon, DonJuan, and Kwame. When they found out it was Porsha who talked about Kandi being a lesbian, everyone lost it. They know Porsha has gone for a swim in the lady pond. Kandi even revealed that Porsha made a move on her one late night while dancing at a club. Looks like the cat is out of the bag.


Across town, Phaedra met with her lawyer and learned that her divorce is final. Only one problem, the court hasn’t told Apollo. Phaedra is caught off guard, but collects herself.

I’ll probably tell him myself. I owe him to just tell him, ‘hey, it’s been finalized.’ It won’t be any easy conversation, but ya know, I’m happy to say that this chapter’s over. Although you might miss something, [that] does not mean you want it back. I guess I can stop wearing my ring… I’ve known Apollo 22 years. We’ve had good times and bad times, but he needs to know it’s finally over. We both need to continue with our lives.

Good for you, Phaedra. It took long enough!

Kandi is trying to help her daughter Riley build confidence. So, Kandi decides to take the feelings Riley expressed about her Dad, and put them in a song. Riley is a bit apprehensive about singing, but eventually puts more heart into it. Listen to a sneak peak of Riley’s first song.

Meanwhile, Cynthia met with Kal about the Cargo fashion show launch in Atlanta. Cynthia believes this could be a great opportunity for Sheree’s son, Kairo. Of course, everything will have to be cleared with his momager. We interrupt this recap to drool over Kairo’s US Weekly spread.

Now, back to business.

Porsha went to a bar to meet up with boyfriend Todd. Todd gave up his job (aka got fired), and he gets angry that Porsha is working too much. Basically, Todd needs to step up to the plate. Ain’t nobody got time for a scrub! Todd gave Porsha a necklace, so he knows he’s about to get the business. Porsha lays it all out there, saying she never planned to be in a relationship, but he convinced her to be in one. Now, he’s not meeting her expectations. Todd pretty much sat and listened like a puppy that knows he did something wrong.


Porsha and Kandi met up at a restaurant, and sat outside, to hash out this lesbian situation. No need to cause a scene, right? Kandi admitted she was caught off guard on the glamping trip, because Porsha was so serious about finding out who was talking about Kandi being a lesbian, and then it turned out to be Porsha.


Porsha brought up that Kandi was talking behind her back about Porsha and Block, (Kandi’s ex and also Riley’s father). Kandi made sure her words were not twisted. “Let’s be clear. I did not tell [Sheree] ya’ll had sex… [but] you did have sex with him.” Porsha explains that she wasn’t coming for Kandi when she met with her and Sheree, but Kandi doesn’t buy it. “If you just own your sh*t, you wouldn’t have to be sitting up here always trying to put me on blast… it ain’t no secret I’ve hooked up with a chick before. It ain’t never been a secret. I don’t live my life like that, you do.”


Here we go…

“I live my life how? What secret?” Porsha said, dazed and confused. “Let me tell you something,” Porsha states before throwing down. “I’m not out here telling your business… if I’m single… that’s one thing. But if I’m married, and I choose to bring other women and flip flop them in my bad like pancakes, that’s something totally different.” Kandi defensively states that she and Todd only had one experience like that together. Porsha hides her face with a napkin and yells, “Girl bye! Girl, I thought we were having an honest conversation… you don’t have a sex dungeon?” “No I do not… if I had a sex dungeon, I would tell everybody, because I think it’s actually cool.” Kandi declared. Get it, girl.


Kandi brought up the incident in the club with her and Porsha, and Porsha seemed disgusted. “[What about] you and your relationship that you had with a woman for seven years?” Kandi denied the relationship completely, saying she had no idea what Porsha was talking about. “I’ll give you her information, because you need to call her. Literally, telling people that you were in a full blown relationship with her, and that you broke up with her, [and] you ended it abruptly when people found out.” Porsha clarified. “You just made that up!” Kandi accused. We’re not sure who to believe at this point. Maybe they’re both right, or maybe they’re both liars.


“Kandi, everybody knows what you do. It’s not a secret of what you’ve done back in the day with all these R & B groups you’ve slept with.” Kandi called Porsha a freak hoe. Not to be outdone, Porsha accused Kandi’s hubby Todd of being unfaithful.

Maybe Mama Joyce was right all along!


Things aren’t looking good for Porsha or Kandi.

They spend the rest of their time at the restaurant throwing verbal punches while people watch. This gives new meaning to dinner and a show.


It looks like Porsha and Kandi won’t be kissing and making up in this episode.


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