We Cannot Live without These Bald Celebs!

We Cannot Live without These Bald Celebs!


By Joanne Rosa

Bald men, worry no more! We have GOOD news! We also have some bad news, but first the good.

If you shave your head, you will be seen as more attractive. Albert E. Mannes of the University of Pennsylvania wrote a paper, “Shorn Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance.” He conducted a few studies on the impression bald men have on those around them.

The studies concluded bald men were perceived as not only more dominant, but also stronger, and taller than their hairy counterparts. “An undeniable truth of the human condition is that appearances matter… [People] make inferences about personality based on one’s appearance,” said Mannes.

Yup; if pop culture taught us anything, it’s that looks matter, a lot.

The bad news is that the study found shaved heads add almost four years to one’s appearance. Honestly, this seems like a small price to pay to get the benefits that come with a shaved head.

To prove Mannes’ point, here are some sexy bald celebrities that we love.

Michael Jordon

How could this basketball legend NOT make our list? We may not like sports, but we aren’t blind.

The Rock and Vin Diesel

Despite the rumors of the recent feud between these two on the set of their new movie, “Fate of the Furious,” there is no denying that they look amazing on the big screen together. Check out the trailer!


We would have the time of our lives getting to know Mr. Worldwide!

Bruce Willis

Bruce has been rocking the shaved head for some time now, and it’s workin’ for him. We fell in love with him when he had hair on Moonlighting, and loved his edgy shaved head look in Die Hard. He can save us from distress any day.

LL Cool J

For Wendy, LL Cool J is the G.O.A.T. when it comes to Hip Hop. He can rap, act and he looks fine doin’ it too!

Taye Diggs

Taraji P. Henson handpicked Taye to be on Empire, and we totally get it. Yaaaaaaas Taye, yas! He always makes the ladies scream whenever he hits the Wendy couch.

Morris Chestnut

After Morris shaved his head for a movie, he decided to keep the baldhead look. Good decision. Watch the crowd go wild over his appearance here!