Budget Friendly Dates for Valentine’s Day

Budget Friendly Dates for Valentine’s Day


By Joanne Rosa

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You probably don’t have a V-Day fund, since you already over did it over the holidays. Actually, you’re probably still catching up on those holiday bills (yikes). A lack of cash is no excuse to not do something for your honey. Advice columnists Steve and Mia of Philly.com say, “Think of [Valentine’s Day] as your Super Bowl. You have to give the best you possibly can, make no turnovers or misreads. Give it 100%… now go out there and do it!”

Here are some inexpensive alternatives to make your Valentines Day special!

Instead of Brunch…
Brunch is great, but so overrated. By the time you eat, and get all of your drinks, the bill is steep. Instead, purchase some ingredients for a gourmet hot chocolate. Make them at home, and put your own twist-ation to the hot cocoa. Creating your own drinks at home will not only save you cash, but you two can bond and have fun together. When you’re done, bundle up and take a romantic stroll through a park. By the time you’re done, you’ll work up enough of an appetite that eating a basic dinner at home will taste better than ever.

Dog with heart.

Instead of Buying a Puppy…
Ok, this is obviously a marvelous gift that will probably get you laid. But, who will take the dog out when you two are done? Who gets the dog when you two break up? It’s a giant mess that you definitely want to avoid. Call ahead to your local animal shelter, and ask if you can volunteer walking their dogs. You can have all of the fun and excitement of having a dog, without any of the responsibility. Plus, you will look like a sensitive, and caring person. It’s a win-win situation.

Attractive seductive woman at the bedroom door

Instead of Going to a Hotel for the Night…
When going to a hotel, don’t expect to only pay for the room. Not only will you pay for the hotel, you’ll also pay for the dinner/ room service, any extra preparations for the room (i.e. rose petals, champagne, etc.), and whatever else your babe is expecting. It’s much easier to purchase your own sexy lingerie (or whatever character you want to role play), decorate the house how you see fit, and then do what you do best. Love don’t cost that much.

Cucumber slices on a couple's eyes

Instead of A Couple’s Spa Day…
Do you want to know what’s better than getting a professional rub down with your main squeeze? Getting a sensual so-so rub down by your main squeeze! There is no need to spend a ton of money on a couple’s spa experience. Pick up some massage oils, a facemask, bath bubbles, and some bubbly. You’ll be very relaxed by the time your DIY spa day is done.

Couple kissing, woman holding heartshaped balloon.

Instead of Going Out with Your Squad…
Couples and singles alike, it’s always fun to create an outing with your friends. It’s also expensive. Then there’s the cheap couple in the group who doesn’t give enough for the bill or tip. On top of that, restaurants usually have lousy service on Valentines Day (or V-Day weekend). Why not just throw your own Valentines Day Potluck party with your s/o? Make sure there is variety with everyone’s dishes, and have people BYOB. All you’ll have to do is supply paper goods, and a few decorations. Don’t forget the music! If you don’t have a good speaker, ask someone in the group to borrow theirs.

Valentines Day may seem foolish and pointless to some of us, but missing the opportunity to do something nice for your babe will not be worth the headache. As Wendy says, “You have to carve out time for your man… It isn’t just about pleasing your spouse, it’s about connecting and staying intimate.” You’re bound to make a good impression on your honey, and your wallet, with these V-Day alternatives. Oh, and don’t forget the flowers!