RHOA Recap: Let’s Go Glamping

RHOA Recap: Let’s Go Glamping


By Joanne Rosa

After last week’s RHOA rooftop dinner went off the rails, the ladies have a lot to work out.

Despite the drama, the glamping trip must go on!

Kenya & Phaedra start shopping (more like gossiping) for the trip. Kenya believes that Porsha’s anger management is not working, and maybe the glamping trip isn’t the best place for her. Porsha retreated to her anger management coach, Dr. Matt Smith, who thinks Porsha was being bullied, and doesn’t have a real support system in the group. Porsha can’t decide if she’ll go glamping or not. If she does, she knows one thing for sure: she’s bringing a friend or two for emotional support.


Meanwhile, after Cynthia’s visit to Moore Manor, she takes it upon herself to talk with Kenya’s ex-boo, Matt Jordan. Kenya and Matt are supposed to be on a break, but things “seem to be getting worse,” according to Cynthia. She feels the two aren’t in a good place in their relationship, and wants to understand what’s going on.

Matt thinks the biggest issue is respect and communication in their relationship. When things don’t go as he expects them to, he becomes violent. Although Matt doesn’t know exactly what he wants out of his relationship with Kenya, he confessed that he’s still in love with her.


Later that evening, Kandi throws a surprise white engagement party for Shamea Mortan and Gerald Mwangi. Cynthia, Sheree, & Marlo missed the memo on the all white aspect of the party. Sheree said it was because she “got the invite last night.” Shamea arrives and is thrilled by the surprise party. After settling in, Shamea asked the group where Porsha was. Kandi played innocent at first, saying that she didn’t know, but then confessed that she will likely not come because of the events that went on at last night’s dinner. Shamea started crying, but the girls consoled her.


After a few drinks, the party moved up to the roof, where things got a little heated. Kandi begins to elaborate to Shamea about what happened at dinner the night before. Shamea was quick to defend Porsha, but Sheree was even quicker to throw Phaedra under the bus, and Shamea was the bus driver. Sheree explained, “Her exact words were, ‘Shamea f***ed everyone’s husband in Atlanta.’” Shamea responded, “If that was the case, I would have f***ed Apollo, because he made many passes… [and] the word was very heavy on the street about Ms. Parks.” Shamea motioned her hands to her face, making a clear reference to the old rumor of Phaedra’s past. Sheree made it clear that Porsha was around for this comment. Shamea was more surprised that Porsha didn’t defend her against Phaedra’s comments, than she was by the white engagement party. Shamea vows to hit Porsha up (with a phone call, not a fist) about what happened. Mmmmm Phaedra, you’re gonna get yourself in trouble.


Kenya goes to Cynthia’s unfurnished lake house for the first time. While basking in the view, Cynthia begins explaining to Kenya how Matt is experiencing the relationship. Kenya responded (or more like interrupted) by saying that Matt doesn’t sound like a sane person, and that he is no better than a child trying to defend his tantrum. Cynthia agrees, and continues to go over her encounter with Matt. She admits to Kenya that she told Matt “Kenya definitely can be a little dramatic.”

Kenya is immediately irritated that Cynthia wasn’t loyal to her. The conversation didn’t get much further after that. Refusing to always be depicted as the bad guy, Kenya twirled away with her fur babies.


Porsha and Shamea pop some champagne before they get into the fidelity of their friendship. Porsha explains her absence at the engagement party. Shamea hears her, but is more hurt by the fact that Porsha didn’t come to Shamea’s defense when Phaedra was dragging her reputation through the mud. Porsha can’t recall Phaedra saying anything about Shamea. Porsha did just get off of bed rest due to a lack of blood flow to her brain, so maybe she is telling the truth (no shade intended).

Shamea doesn’t want to dwell on what happened, but gives Porsha a fair warning about Phaedra. “Be careful. I’ve been friends with you for over a decade. I love you to the moon and back, but be careful with your new friend… Phaedra used to talk so much sh*t about you.”

If talking sh*t is a real scale for who to be careful around, then all the Atlanta ladies better keep their guard up.


Let the glamping begin!

Before the bus arrives, Cynthia and Kenya squash their differences at Moore Manor. Sheree & Marlo enjoy their mimosas outside, when a black SUV shows up with Porsha and her sister Lauren. No one was sure if Porsha would end up going or not, but she was welcome with open arms. Porsha brought Sheree aside, and it didn’t take long for the two to clear the air. They all hop on the bus, and the road trip begins.

Marlo announces that she will be adding “Ask Marlo” to the glamping itinerary, so the group can become more educated on fashion and men.

Maybe try asking Wendy instead??

Porsha whips out a note from her Anger Management coach, explaining that he suggests Porsha bring her sister Lauren for emotional support during the trip. Good thing she did, because the back and forth between Porsha, Kenya, and Kandi started within the first stretch of the trip.

The Atlanta ladies have a bumpy road ahead of them, and the glamping hasn’t even started yet.