Pebbles Sets the Record Straight

Real Life Hot Topic.

Perri “Pebbles” Reid sits down for an exclusive interview about the way she was portrayed in the TLC movie.

Did Pebbles steal millions of dollars from TLC? Does she think Chilli and her ex-husband, L.A. Reid had an affair? Did Pebbles let TLC see their contracts?

Will Pebbles sue TLC? Did she kick Chilli out of the group?

Find out what she only tells Wendy!

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  1. Ann from DC says:

    The music industry is and always has been full of shady slick talking people. They make their money on the backs of their artists. I watched the Pebbles interview twice, i see no difference between her and the scores of other “industry” people. The TLC movie is a cautionary warning. Artists aware!

  2. $24723126 says:

    Pebbles looks as if she wouldnt know the truth if it slaps her upside the head.