Porsha Stewart on Life after Kordell

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Porsha Stewart has gone through a lot over the past year in the public spotlight and opens up about her divorce from Kordell.

Did Porsha ever talk to Kordell about the rumors that he is allegedly gay? Does she regret joining “The Real Housewives of Atlanta?”

Find out what she only tells Wendy!

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  1. rose says:

    i think the show is a hot mess that what money do to u

  2. Nayrod says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t watch the rest of this clip. This girl needs to grow up and take responsibility for surrendering herself to a man. You love them, share with them but you never give up your life for anyone but you and god. I can see why the other housewives had issue’s with her. She and her family has to allow her to be a woman!

  3. deann14 says:

    “Well that’s part of the problem”, “Your behavior is less then smart”, “Talking and driving?” and the bombshell “Is Kordell gay?”, “You only have about two more minutes of all this cuteness and less then smartness to be just, oh Porsha needs help”. Wendy what can anybody do with you. You are two MESSES in a half.

  4. keepitrealgrl says:

    Porshe, your last name will always be Williams, no matter what else you add to it.